Best Digital Cameras for Families

We bought our first digital camera right before Jasper was born. That would put us at five years ago — a lifetime in the world of techie gadgets. It’s been high time for a new one.

Our old model was a Nikon Cool Pix that took AA batteries (and a lot of them). We didn’t buy the rechargeable battery pack and, this time around, we were looking to go that route.

But what to buy? We put the question to our oft’ consulted fellow Brooklyn ‘rents on Park Slope Parents, a local community message board (you have to apply online and pay a $25 fee to join). What was the best digital camera for families these days? What were people using and loving?

We got several responses (thanks, guys, as always, for chiming in with your valued 2 cents!), but not a consensus. Here’s what a few snap-happy parents suggested:

Armed with this info, we went to see the nice Jewish guys at B&H to let them steer us in the right direction. We wanted faster shutter speed (always an issue with digital cameras), a wide viewing screen on the back of the camera, a rechargeable battery pack so we wouldn’t be slaves to those AA’s, and something EASY to use.

Ultimately, we went with this one:

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic Lumix

The Lumix! Shown here in silver, but we got the super-cute pink version (it also comes in blue, green, and black.) So far, so good. We’re loving the quality of the pics we’re taking and it’s sooo much faster than our old digi-cam.

Here’s hoping you’ll see lots more of the images we’re shooting around here soon….


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