Food glorious food

Is your kid a gastrokid?  Do you know what a gastrokid is?  If you answered no to both questions, or if you answered maybe and okay, I don’t know, then you are just like Melisa and I!

We received this book in the mail yesterday from a friend:


It’s written by one Welsh guy (thus the whole U.K. gastro-thing I assume) and a guy who writes for Bon Appetit.  They have a website, btw, called  Melisa and I thumbed through the book and found a lot of delicious sounding things.  Burrata and tomatoes and basil with extra virgin olive oil? Yes!  Japanese eggplant, grilled and tossed with haloumi and mint? Sounds tasty.  Sausage with sagey white beans?  Serve it up.  Moroccan chicken with olives and capers and pine nuts? Been meaning to make it for years.  Salmon saltimbocca, pasta with red pepper flakes, anchovies, and cauliflower, oh yeah…oh wait.  The kids won’t eat this.  I’m actually still on the fence about anchovies myself (I like them camouflaged- no need to see their fishy little bodies).

Anyway, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I agree anymore with the authors’ idea that every kid is born ready to like everything.  I might have gone with this based on kid 1 (remembering his first food tour of France as a big success),

Jasper chowing down  in France- age 1

Jasper chowing down in France- age 1

…but kid 2’s “everything” is a decidedly more discerning list.

That said, we are desperately trying to get out of the rut we are in.  You may recognize the rut: mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza, hot dogs, hummus, grilled chicken.  We WANT the kids to be adventurous eaters and love risotto and pancetta and shrimp and chorizo as much as we do. And exposure to new food seems to be a good way to start…

I think we’ll start  slow- maybe the zucchini hummus and cornflake chicken first, and then we’ll try working our way up to the parsley and pine nut pasta sauce, brussels sprout chiffonade and whole cooked branzino à la Bill Buford’s book Heat.

Stay tuned…

Whoops, I guess a kid table isn't the right image for this

The kids table...maybe not the most appropriate image for this post, but cute!


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