Why I’m Leaving My Daughter in a Stroller Until She’s 18

Magnolia in motion

Magnolia in motion

Our daughter’s a daredevil. Or not that bright yet about the cause and effect of actions and subsequent physical pain. Or both. We go through a LOT of Band Aids and spend more time on the phone with our pediatrician than we’d like.

Not long ago, it was a nasty knee scrape from a fall at the playground. That was on the mend until a rough fall during a run at full speed at her grandparents’ house tore off the big, nasty scab and resulted in lots of gushing blood. Then a day or two after that, she fell right in front of our house and conked her head on the sidewalk. Complete with a terrible, blunt, skull-on-concrete thud.

July 4th weekend she fell head-over-heels over her brother’s bike and busted a lip. Lots more gushing blood. It looked like maybe she’d bitten through her lip completely, so off to the ER we went. Luckily, it wasn’t at bad as we feared, but we did walk out of there with 2 stitches. Ugh.

She’ll jump off of anything — the greater the height, apparently, the greater the thrill. She terrifies Chrissy and me both. She’s not yet 3 and, I swear, the number of falls and bloodcurdling near misses so far — Oh, my God, she almost zoomed into traffic again! — has taken at least a year or two off my life.

Is your kid a fearless daredevil, too? Do you take any special measures (OK, not constant stroller confinement, but something else) to keep him or her safe? Or just hold your breath and hope for the best? If anyone reading has thoughts, please share!


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