Travel Buddies Neck Pillow: Traveling with Toddlers

Hippo Travel Buddies neck pillow, $15,

Hippo Travel Buddies neck pillow, $15,

My kids no longer officially nap. (Insert image of me crying into my iced coffee and pounding my fist on the dining room table here.) It’s a sad thing.

But they do still catch the occasional snooze in the car when they’re strapped into car seats and we’re out for a long drive. It’s great — I’ll take a few minutes of peace and quiet whenever and wherever I can get it — except that they look so uncomfortable. Their heavy heads loll to one side or lean forward and bob around pathetically — the car naps just can’t be good for their little necks.

So while we were on vacation, we bought these awesome, lightweight, super-soft travel pillows called Travel Buddies, from a company called NoodleHead. They’re like a cute, kid-sized version of those neck pillows adults use on airplanes, and they will only set you back $15. Let your kids pick the animal they want (there are a bunch to choose from); ours went for the horse and the blue dog. (The pillows are pretty petite, so they’re probably best for the 6 and under set.)

The hippo‘s pictured here; snag it at


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  1. 1 Aileen August 21, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Hi Melisa! great blog– the name is supercute 🙂

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