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Shiny Brite: What’s Up with the Name, Anyway?

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Thanks, little box of ornaments, for giving us some inspiration.

As the year ends and Christmas creeps up on us (nine shopping days left!), I thought I’d write a post about the name of our blog. Shiny Brite: Life with Kids, Made Better — how’d we come up with that, anyway?

Since you asked….

We tossed around a bunch of names, but so many of the fun parenting-related names we thought of had already been taken — damn those other mommy bloggers for getting to them first!

In the end, a little box of shiny blue vintage Christmas ornaments that we bought ages ago from local Brooklyn fave Hooti Couture is what provided the inspiration. I was playing around with the idea that our lives are good — bright, happy, good — but sometimes, despite all the good, things can be a little hard to look at dead on, parental obligation after parental obligation.

Even though being a mom is amazing, utterly life-altering — rah, rah and all that! — you can sometimes lose the “good” in the daily grind of routine involved in raising young children. So there’s a bit of irony to the name Shiny Brite (but you probably already knew that.)

Plus, it’s just fun to say!

A brief Google search revealed that those Shiny Brite ornaments are actually a made-in-America vintage Christmas favorite — the most popular tree ornaments in the U.S. during the 1940’s and 50’s.

Max Eckhardt, along with the Corning Glass Company, mass produced these glass balls until the early 1960’s, when artificial trees and plastic ornaments began to overtake the demand for fresh trees and delicate glass balls. During its heyday, Shiny Brite had four production facilities, located in New Jersey and West New York. The company’s main office and showroom were located on East 17th Street, right here in our home town of New York City.

Christopher Radko now reissues some of the most popular Shiny Brite designs, so it’s possible to purchase colorful reproductions today.

I can see from our handy-dandy traffic reports that people do drop by here to visit — so, thanks for coming! (I think we may actually be talking about one or two people besides our moms.) And please keep checking back for more updates. We’re gonna try to do better at producing more parenting content — things we love, things we don’t, things that make our lives as moms better — and more fun Jasper/Magnolia updates in 2010.

Until then, Merry Christmas, y’all! May yours be Shiny Brite! We know ours will be.

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