I Love My Expedit!

It’s true!  We’ve gone Expedit mad in Brooklyn!

Jasper’s room was a disaster, still teeming with items from his toddler and baby stages, spilling out of baskets on the floor.  His closet was overflowing with toys and games, Legos and Lincoln Logs he never played with because they were squirreled away in boxes and bags.

Expedit to the rescue!

What I love about it: it LOOKS and IS solid and sturdy (for you safety-concerned people: it can be attached to a wall).  It wasn’t hard to put together (unlike some IKEA items).  You have the option of either displaying your collections, or hiding them.  We did a combo; some items on display, some hidden in soft bins.  AND it comes in a variety of sizes. We chose the mid-size model for Jasper’s room, and turned it on its side:

IKEA Expedit, $69.99

Now he has more toys available for play (it’s like Christmas all over again — but without the credit hangover), and everything is organized (and that makes the Virgo moms happy).

We liked Jasper’s Expedit so much, we scoured the “As Is” section at IKEA (oh yes, you must know about this!) for a one row unit for our study.  Now, we can stow all of the downstairs puzzles, games, outdoor toys, etc. out of the way, while still providing a place to sit and put on shoes (we turned this one on its side, too).

IKEA expedit, $59.99

Further investigation shows me that people are using their Expedits for all sorts of storage needs.  Check out the Flickr Expedit group for inspiration (love the sewing room someone put together — so colorful and fun it makes me want to transform our guest bedroom)!


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