Winter Culinary Inspiration: The Saveur 100

Jan/Feb 2010 Saveur cover

The January/February cover of Saveur magazine -- The Saveur 100

I used to like winter, but now I don’t. OK — sledding with the kids was fun, I’ll give the month of December that, but otherwise, it’s a big countdown to summer at our house.

I get moody when the temps drop, and if I don’t work to pull myself out of the funk a little, I’ll find I’m suggesting to Chrissy every night that we order nachos and queso fundido and open another bottle of red while we wait.

So I was happy to get a little lift — and learn quite a few things, too — when paging through the current issue of Saveur magazine. The cover story is on Readers’ Favorites100 ingredients, chefs, tools, books, and tips that readers can’t live without. Here are 3 of the things I loved hearing about:

chocolate gravy — Sounds weird, I know, but it’s a dark, fudgy sauce commonly used on hot, buttered biscuits in the South. Mrs. Cummings, a lady from our church, used to make it in the morning for the girls in my Sunday School class after a sleepover. I hadn’t thought about it in years, but believe me when I tell you it is heaven. I want to make it for Jasper and Magnolia — with our camera at the ready.

flour sack towels — I need some! Apparently, these are a cook’s best friend. They’re dish towels made from soft, flour sack cotton and are supposed to be amazingly durable and absorbent. The perfect dish dryer or surface duster. The ones pictured below are available on Etsy from HarrietsHaven — a set of 2 with orange flowers is $20.

flour sack towels from HarrietsHaven

Flour Sack Towels from HarrietsHaven, etsy, $20 — A lush site that calls itself a “community driven visual potluck.” Visitors can submit food photos from all over the Web and TasteSpotting editors review and post them. Fun to browse and very inspiring — the photos link to articles, recipes, and blogs. I’m currently salivating over Real Simple Huevos Rancheros….

You can find the rest of the Savuer 100 online, but I recommend picking up a copy of the mag. Inspiration guaranteed.


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