Review: Moomah Cafe + Art Space in Tribeca


Moomah, a cafe and art project space in Tribeca. Photo by Kim Cornelison.

OK, let me get this out of the way: I know I can stay home and make art projects with my kids for free until the cows come home or I lose my mind, whichever comes first. But this is New York City and I don’t have to; I can take advantage of the many amazing kid-friendly places we have available to us. This often means dropping some bucks to do so, and that seems completely reasonable to me.

A change of scene is especially key in winter. So I was excited to venture with Magnolia to Moomah in Tribeca last week. Here’s what we found.

What it is:

A beautiful cafe and art project space brought to us by Tracey Stewart, celeb wife of Jon (yet another reason to love him.) Parents and kids can choose from a changing roster of DIT (Do It Together) arts and crafts projects that vary in difficulty — Magnolia chose a Valentine’s Day placemat which she was able to do almost entirely on her own. Once completed (with liberal amounts of pink glitter, of course) the staff laminated it for us. It’s super-cute!

We also hung out in the Funky Forest, an interactive “ecosystem” where kids manage resources (vivid lights and images projected onto walls and the floor) to help the trees grow. The Funky Forest, currently open on Fridays, is free with the purchase of a DIT art project. Moomah also offers classes and other fun stuff on an almost daily basis — check for upcoming events and activities.

Oh, and there’s a cafe, too. Have lunch or munch on pastries from Balthazar.

What it costs:

The DIT art projects range in price from about $14 – $25, with the most elaborate of course being the most expensive. We spent $16 on Magnolia‘s “placemat love” project, but it’s far cuter and looks much more impressive (it’s laminated!) than our homespun crafts.

Here it is — a collection of colorful vintage V-Day-inspired images. And one proud artist.

moomah placemat

The Valentine's Day placemat Magnolia made at Moomah.

Where it is:

Moomah is in Tribeca at 161 Hudson Street, between Hubert and Laight Streets.

What we thought of the place:

Loved it! (Special bonus — ran into my friend Elizabeth with her youngest son. Hi Elizabeth!) It’s equally adult- and kid-friendly. A fun chilly-day outing that makes you glad you live in New York, where celebrities open posh spots for tots.

For more ideas, check out the current ish of Time Out New York Kids — they have a great list of 25 things to do with kids in NYC in winter. There are some nice surprises on it, including a progressive apartment party, Saturday afternoon carnivals at Bowlmor Lanes, and an indoor playground at the Queens Center Mall.

One more tip, for Brooklyn mamas — “The Bell House Rocks” at The Bell House, a Gowanus music/event venue, on Sunday, February 7, from 10am to 4pm. There will be a bouncy castle, videos, music, disco lights, and free popcorn and juice for the kids. Full bar for mom and dad. Ten bucks “per walking human.” See you there!

How will you keep your kids entertained this winter? Got any NYC secrets we should know about?


7 Responses to “Review: Moomah Cafe + Art Space in Tribeca”

  1. 1 cherettastewart June 15, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    I went there a few weeks ago! Luuuuvvvvv it. Matter of fact, my son just asked yesterday if we can go back.Check out my pics from that day .That particular blog is called Memorial Day Creation. I’m happy we are on the same page in this book of MOOMAH.

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