I Love My “All Out of” Shopping List and “What to Eat” Planners!

Here are two things that make me happy (a little embarrassed, too. I am a Virgo and we like this stuff) each week I use them: the “All Out Of” shopping list and my “What to Eat” planner. 

All Out Of pad, $20 for a set of 4 on Amazon

These things rock the grocery store AND the dinner hour.  They’re magnetic pads that stick to the fridge. During the week (or more often before I go to the store), I check off all the stuff we need on the “All Out Of” pad, rip off the page and take it to the grocery. Simple. 

What to Eat planner, $32.50 for a pack of 6, Amazon

I use the “What to Eat” pad to plan dinners for the week. Who likes to be faced with no plan for dinner (staring into the pantry and thinking, “now what?”). I’ve found that planning my meals has curbed my grocery shopping. I’m no longer just picking things up at the market that look good — but then go to waste because they don’t make it into our dinner rotation. Now I buy only the things I need. 

SUPER GEEKY.  But super useful.  I’m smiling right now. 

P.S. I discovered these pads at my local Anthropologie, so check there.

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