A Few of My Favorite Things: Great Gifts for Baby Showers

It seems there are A LOT of babies being born right now. We’ve bought four baby gifts in the last month alone.

It’s fun to think back to the infant age and the gifts that just KEPT ON GIVING! You know the ones! Here is a short list that includes a few of our favorites that are affordable enough to give to office colleagues and wonderful enough to include as part of a gift to a good friend. Drumroll, please:

Sophie the Giraffe, $15.80 on Amazon

Sophie the Giraffe: given to Jasper by the fabulous Kim M., good friend and connection to all things French. We’ve had three Sophie’s in our house, and every one of them has been gnawed on with love for a long, long time. Short story: a French teether for babies, kind of seems like a squeak toy for dogs (yes, she does squeak). Her long neck makes it easy for babies to hold, and, well, they love her. I mean really love her.

Nightlight: you need one of these in the nursery, and yet, I don’t remember seeing it on any nursery must-have list when we were expecting Jasper. We wised up when Magnolia was on the way and received these fab mod Oxo Candela lights from our friend Helene. They have proven perfect for transitioning to toddler and child days. And for infants? Great for those middle of the night wake-up calls; they give off a soft light, just enough that you can see your baby…and your way back to your bed.

Oxo Candela Rechargeable Lights, $37 on Amazon

Books! I think books are the perfect gift for new parents. One of our favorites, recommended by our friend Karen, is Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill. This book came with a ringing endorsement: even at five years, Karen’s son still sometimes asked for it at bedtime. Where’s Spot? THERE’S SPOT!

$7.99 at BN.com

And for the sleep-deprived parent: The Three-Martini Playdate by Christie Mellor. Essential. Reading. I felt a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole when I had a new baby. This is a hilarious look at the business of capital P “parenting,” and a nice reality check to the modern demands on mothers and fathers.

$10, BN.com

Another sure bet: soft, kimono-style cotton onesies. The key with these is that you can take them on and off a baby without necessarily waking her, because nothing has to be pulled over her head. Saks Fifth Avenue has a very soft house brand that we love. And Petit Bateau is always a fave:

Petit Bateau Kimono onesie, $19 for one @ Saks Fifth Avenue

And finally, something I only give very good friends: the Miracle Blanket. Seriously takes the guess work out of making a baby burrito, a key element to good sleep (for parents and babies). The Swaddle Me? Both of our kids could bust out of that thing anytime they felt like it. The Miracle Blanket turned them into an ice cream cone: blanket on the bottom (nice and snug), and sweet baby head on the top (eyes closed). The “miracle” is both the ease of using this and that the baby then falls asleep. Ahhh.

$29.95 at miracleblanket.com

So there you have it.  Baby shower success (and without breaking the bank).

4 Responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things: Great Gifts for Baby Showers”

  1. 1 karen February 18, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    This is a great list….I felt the same way about the Swaddle Me and love the suggestion about the Petite Bateau onesies.

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