I Love My Franco Sarto Crossbody Bag!

Franco Sarto Journey Crossbody Bag

Franco Sarto Journey Crossbody Bag, $58, from zappos

All moms know the right bag is essential. We’re past the diaper bag stage, but I still need a bag that’s uber-functional, and it had to fill several specific requirements. Here’s what I was looking for in the perfect urban mom bag.

  • It had to be a crossbody bag — hands-free is a non-negotiable. Fashion can be priority number one at another time in my life. For now, as a Stay-at-Home mom, practicality rules.
  • It couldn’t look like a messenger bag — not my look. And this one is tricky, because many crossbody styles are some version of a messenger bag.
  • It had to be a bright, fun color — no black or brown.
  • It had to be big enough to hold all of my things — iPhone, wallet, sunglasses for me and the kids, random gloves, snacks, and tissues — but not so big that it looked bulky on my hip. (I have big hips — extra bulk-age in that area is not a good thing.) It needed somehow to be roomy and have plenty of compartments, but also to be trim.

I looked endlessly, and flirted with many Fossil bags. They’re leather, have that European look I was after, and are well-made. But closer inspection in person left me cold — styles were either too small, too bulky, or not in a color I was loving.

In the end, I found this Franco Sarto Journey Crossbody bag online. It met all of my requirements and also came with a foldable tote that I thought might prove useful for neighborhood errand runs, and I’m happy to report that it has.

Last, it was way more affordable than all of the leather bags I’d been eying — a point I appreciated more when Magnolia spilled an entire glass of milk on it approximately two weeks after I’d gotten it. (FYI, the nylon canvas held up to that very well.)

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