Hello, Sunshine! How to Look Refreshed On No Sleep

Another sleepless night ends

One more cup of coffee

As parents, we spend a fair amount of nighttime hours awake, comforting kids who are afraid, sick, or had to go to the bathroom; not to mention those of us awake with their feeding and fussing newborns. Even when we get to go to bed, we often lie awake, either too keyed up from the evening’s events or simply worrying.

And that means looking at yourself in the mirror the next morning and seeing reflected, well, a zombie.

Here are some tools to fool the public into thinking you are well-rested, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (don’t ask me what a bushy tail has to do with this- it’s just an expression).

First stop for me, a stop I’ve been making since I was 19, is the Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel from The Body Shop.

Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

I love this product; the cool combination of witch hazel and elderflower makes my tired eyes feel bright (and you can get even more of a punch from it if you keep it in the fridge). It’s only $10 at The Body Shop (buy 2 get one free!- 3 will last you the year if you use it every day), and also available on Amazon.

The only thing is that I DO use it everyday. And on those really tired days, it makes me feel better to have reinforcements. So, I also use Lotus Eye Gel from Fresh.

Lotus Eye Gel by Fresh

Lotus Eye Gel by Fresh, courtesy of Sephora

This stuff has a wonderful smell, and promises to alleviate under eye circles. I think it works pretty well, and usually put it on first, chasing it with the Elderflower Eye Gel. Probably overkill, but makes me happy–and I think it works.

Next, undereye concealer. Whatever you regularly use. Then, and this is important, pick up your tinted concealer and put it on. Nothing like a little glow to take the gray out of your skin. I’m a fan of Clinique tinted moisturizer, but whatever works for you. Brush on a nice light powder and a warm blush.

Time for a moment of confession: I was a charter subscriber to Allure.  I take their annual Best of Beauty list seriously, scouring it for new and better product recommendations. And one product that makes the list so regularly that like Great Lash mascara it was retired into a Hall of Fame, is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler, $19 @ Sephora

Shu Uemura eyelash curler, courtesy of Shu Uemura

I resisted this device for years (really, all through high school and up until my mid-thirties), but after a long night awake, I can promise it will give you that my-eyes-are-wide-open surprised look without the surgery.

It helps. Alot.

Mascara, now. And some warm gloss tone on the lips.

If you are STILL not looking all glowy and well-rested, there are options. I’d recommend Benefit’s Ooh La Lift to further tame any lingering dark circles and add some brightness around your eyes.

One more tip: when getting dressed, it’s crucial you follow the ASCOB (any solid color other than black- thank you Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show) rule. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a solid color, just anything but black. Brighten up!

Then step out with your cup of coffee and GO GET ‘EM, gorgeous!


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