Colorful Letterpress Napkin Rings: Too Cute!

letterpress napkin rings from dinner-ware

I can’t write an “I Love My…” post about these because I don’t actually own them — yet. But I did just place my special order.

Spotted these adorable ceramic letterpress napkin rings at local Park Slope shop HomeBody Boutique the other day and had to have them. We use cloth napkins at mealtime (a tiny green-living nod to the BAZILLIONS of paper towels we go through) and I loved the idea of seeing all of our first name letters represented in a cute, colorful way around the dining room table. The kids are really into name and letter recognition right now and something about the idea of having them felt both fun and sweet.

One potential problem: They’re porcelain. And the frequency with which items fall from our dining room table is high. I mentioned my concern to Kate, the friendly shop owner, and she confided that, while of course there are no guarantees, she had dropped one TWICE while putting them out on display the day before and there was no breakage or chipping.

Good enough for me.

Kate had the full alphabet represented in her store, but our family needs two “m’s,” thus the special order. And she’s happy to order for you, too.

The napkin rings are made by New York City artist Gail Garciasee them and more of her work at You can order on the site or call up Kate here in Brooklyn — they’re $12 apiece.

They’d look pretty on your dining room table, too, don’t you think?


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