Tuesday Randomness: Cafe duCharme, Cherry Patter + More

Two Lovers in Brooklyn

Two Lovers, a new vintage/resale shop on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.

Tuesday morning started with a wardrobe meltdown which, after some drama and raised voices (mine), actually ended well (thanks for the support, honey!). Then school drop-off. Then random things with interesting names….

I went out of my way for iced coffee and orange brioche at a local Park Slope place I’ve been meaning to try — Cafe duCharme. Swiss national Christian duCharme opened the sweet, snug little spot last fall. Pastries are from Ceci-Cela, there are savory lunch items, and I hear he holds impromptu candlelit dinners, too.

Around the corner is Two Lovers, a new resale clothing shop (above, not yet open for the day) that I want to pop into one afternoon when I don’t have little people hanging off me. I read about it even before I noticed it, over on Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. Peeked in and it looks fun.

Speaking of, I discovered a new blog this week called cherry patter nyc, all about fun and fabulous food and shopping in New York. I can just tell this blogger and I would be BFFs if we ever met — loved her interview with sweets-maker Molly Killeen of Made by Molly. Go check her out.

Last random thought — Foursquare. What the hell is it? I’d seen my friend, Ellen, popping up on Facebook with Foursquare noting her whereabouts and announcing she’d become mayor of someplace or other, but I had no idea what it was and never took the time to find out. But my friends at CafeMom’s The Stir did a great post on the app last week and now I get it.

Foursquare is a location app for your iPhone, Blackberry, etc. that lets your friends know exactly where you are, allows you to add descriptive text about a place, and creates a little competitive game where you rack up points, badges, and “mayorships” of the places you frequent.

Now that I know what it is, I know I have absolutely no interest in it — it’s true I share the deets on places I love, but you’ll rarely know exactly “when” to find me “where.”

Except at the moment, which = iced coffee in my little kitchen.


6 Responses to “Tuesday Randomness: Cafe duCharme, Cherry Patter + More”

  1. 1 Ellen May 26, 2010 at 1:07 am

    I’m not really in the target Foursquare market either, I don’t think, but, you know, I work with the interwebs, so I try these things. A thing you might find valuable as a foursquare user is, now and then, when you check in somewhere, you find that someone in the area is offering you a special deal on a product or service — a free beer, or a cupcake, or something. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough yet, but I imagine it will be more and more likely to happen, and that would be neat.

  2. 2 Melisa May 26, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Oh, I know, Ellen — you are my go-to “interwebs” girl and I know you try it all, you know, for the biz. 🙂

    I wonder who exactly their target market is? The mom/writer who wrote the post for The Stir said she’s addicted, and “checks in” everyplace she goes. She mentioned the occasional treat/deal, too, which does sound cool.

    Hey, glad you are reading! You and various others do pop up on Shiny Brite now and then…. XO

  3. 3 laura May 27, 2010 at 8:10 am

    i have been totally wondering about cafe ducharme, and hoping they make it as that space is a tough one. just a little bit too off the main drag (oak before, and then that really cute housewares spot). please report back on the food and especially the coffee. is it worth the trek! tx also for the mention. so glad you like the site, and yes we must go shopping or eating together sometime. laura

  4. 4 Melisa May 27, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Hi Laura!

    So nice to see you here, and I do love cherry patter…. Very fun!

    Cafe duCharme is out of the way, but the owner seems to know what he’s doing — it’s a cute space and, yes, the coffee was great. Also the brioche from Ceci-Cela. Haven’t tried lunch yet, but I will — they seem to have a smoked chicken sandwich w/ wasabi that sounds worth the trip.

    Notice you work near Four and Twenty Blackbirds and, of course it’s none of my biz, but I couldn’t help being curious about what kind of work you might be doing over there….?! Anyway, you must be so glad Four and Twenty is nearby — I tried their Egg in a Nest yesterday. Yum!

    Thanks again for stopping by!

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