I Love My…Skip*Hop “Central Park” Picnic Blanket

Green Acres

Even though we have our own backyard, it’s great to get out to our other yard: Prospect Park. Frederick Law Olmsted considered it his masterpiece (and this from the man who also designed the glorious Central Park). Featuring 585 diverse acres of parkland, including a lake, streams, glades, an ice skating rink, a zoo; it’s pretty spectacular. And in the neighborhood!

Whether it’s there, or just the Fifth Avenue playground, we often tote along a blanket to sit on. We have a couple, and weren’t really looking for a new one. Then luck intervened: I happened to enter one of the great giveaways they do over at Big City Moms. And I won! A big box with this terrific Skip*Hop blanket showed up on our doorstep.

This thing rocks. It’s called the “Central Park” Picnic Blanket. It folds up into a neat square that, with the help of detachable straps, can be carried on your shoulder, or as a cross body bag, or even as a backpack. One less thing for your hands to carry (especially since they probably are already holding sunscreen, hats, balls, etc).

Is it a picnic blanket? Or a man bag? Courtesy of Skip*Hop

Double-coolness factor: there’s a detachable cooler pocket attached to the bag as well. Just the right size for a couple of drinks and a snack (sometimes I throw the sunscreen in just so I don’t have to carry it).

The blanket itself is soft on one side and canvas on the other (the side you’ll put on the ground). It’s waterproof and wipes clean. And given how small it folds, it’s a great size at 5 x 5.

Central Park Picnic Blanket courtesy of Skip*Hop

It’s already made treks to the park a whole lot easier.

** Note: This post is a simple, “boy, we love this!” endorsement and NOT a quid pro quo for winning some cool merch.


2 Responses to “I Love My…Skip*Hop “Central Park” Picnic Blanket”

  1. 1 Jenifer August 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Chrissy – I’m between this right now and the travel blanket by JJ Cole which I’ve sat on and know it not to leak through at all when on damp ground. Just wondering if you’ve found the Skip Hop blanket to stay just as dry?



  2. 2 Chrissy August 4, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Jenifer,
    I don’t have the JJ Cole so I can’t make an exact comparison, alas. The Skip Hop has stayed dry for me on damp ground (damp, not wet; haven’t tried it on wet ground). Not sure that helps you much, but hope it helps a little!
    Good luck,

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