Goodbye Baby Teeth

Jasper's first lost tooth

One tooth down!

Jasper lost his first tooth!

We’ve been waiting for it to happen. He’s been sporting what I call “shark teeth”- two adult teeth coming in right behind his two bottom baby teeth- for a few weeks now (a nice dovetail with his “ocean” unit at school).

But oh, I can’t believe he’s big enough to lose his little baby teeth. The lonely tooth is SO TINY in my hand. I remember when it showed up on the scene.

Jasper, 11 months old

11 months old

The tooth fairy came last night, but put her tribute in the pillow case by accident, instead of under the pillow. Tears threatened this morning when both the tooth and the reward were missing, but then all was well when the little glassine bag with $1 was found.


Just another reminder that our baby is not a baby anymore!

Bye, bye baby!


2 Responses to “Goodbye Baby Teeth”

  1. 1 Paula/adhocmom June 22, 2010 at 10:25 am

    You have NO idea how relieved I am to hear that the tooth fairy leaves the reasonable amount of $1.00. Seriously, good to know. Um, so sweet!

  2. 2 Amy June 22, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Aw, he’ll always be your babe! 🙂 I love when you add those older baby pics in. So fun to see how they’ve grown. Congrats Jasper!

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