I Love My…Mabel’s Labels for Back to School

I ordered these a few years ago when Jasper was going into pre-k and they have been terrific. Tag everything: from clothes, to sippy cups, to school supplies, to shoes.

Tag, you're it

Mabel’s Labels (www.mabels.ca) is an easy-to-use site, that offers each product separately, or in one of their combo packs. We picked a combo pack for Jasper last time around, and have been very happy. But I think we could use more bag tags (good for things like backpacks and lunch boxes), and possibly some skinny-minis (good for school supplies, water bottles).

There’s a fun design element to the site: you pick your colors/design, and your icon (or have your kids pick what they like). I think Jasper would like a shark this year:

Bag Tag by Mabel's Labels

Both kids have been in camp this summer, and I’ve been feeling very remiss not having tags for Magnolia yet. Since she’s heading to pre-k this fall, there’s no time to lose. The “Classic Ultimate Back-to-School Combo” seems like a good choice. Thirty-nine dollars buys you 16 shoe labels, 50 “tag mates” for clothing (washer and dryer safe), 40 skinny minis,  and 2 teeny tags (for backpacks and lunch boxes). I chose a ballet icon for our little ballerina, and the color combo, “cotton candy.” Perfect!

Courtesy of Mabel's Labels

And now I’m done! No more lost swimsuits at camp or missing Sigg containers at school. Orders take about 2 weeks to receive with standard shipping.

Happy shopping!


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