Where Did the Time Go and Other Ruminations on Magnolia’s Birthday

Magnolia is FOUR today. FOUR. I have to say it again so I believe it: She’s FOUR. That means four years have already passed in her little life. Four years since she was smoked out of the womb, a full two weeks past her due date (setting the stage for the next four years of waiting for her).

Magnolia, one week old

Do I sound a little sad? Or spooked? I guess I’m a bit of both, while at the same time, happy and amazed at Magnolia’s growing self, her big girl words and thoughts.

Five months old

In fact, to look at it another way: she made it to her fourth birthday, hooray!! I’m only half joking. Despite her love of princesses and fairies, our bug is no delicate flower.

Two years old

She could teach us all something about carpe diem. If there’s something to jump off, do it. Why walk when you can skip? In fact, why skip when you can run?

3 years old

This summer alone, she’s amazed me by jumping off the first diving board she saw and riding the swings at Victorian Gardens (we couldn’t get her off them) shrieking with glee all along.


There was a time when every picture we took of her included band-aids over skinned knees. And recently, it’s been stitches, casts, more boo-boos than you can count. But she sure seems to enjoy life.

Magnolia, 3 1/2 years

And now, she’s FOUR, heading to pre-k in the fall.

Happy birthday, big girl!

Magnolia, 4 years old

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