Martha’s Vineyard Vacation with the Kids: A Few More of My Favorite Things


Not to make everyone envious, but boy life is good here on Martha’s Vineyard. I am seriously relaxed. The house we are in is perfect; like the three bears I’m finding it not too big, not too small, JUST RIGHT. It’s comfortable, efficient, and in a great location. And it has a good bed that is not too soft. I don’t know about you, but a “taco bed” (Wenzlers will recognize the cottage lingo) is the worst (Def: Taco Bed: (noun) A bed that curls up around you like a taco shell).

Anyhoo, ugh, how has it already been a week? Now is when I start tweaking a bit and counting down the days (only 6 more days to go to the beach/eat Pie Lady pie/get up “late”/etc!!!).

Hands over ears: “I’m not LISTENING!!!”

Sorry, back to the post.

Some of our favorite things so far:

1) Breakfast at the Right Fork Diner. This was a discovery this year. Wow, how great for kids AND adults! It’s right on the Katama Airfield in Edgartown, so the kids can watch the biplanes take off and land. The food and service are great, and the coffee is DIVINE!

The Right Fork Diner, Edgartown

Waiting for breakfast at The Right Fork Diner

2) The new playground at the just-built Town Hall in West Tisbury. When the kids were little, we could drag them through a farmer’s market (or fill in the blank) with relative calm. Now they’ll be hiding around the busy stalls and generally making us crazy. The addition of a playground at Town Hall (next to the Grange Hall where the Farmer’s Market is held) means that one of us can stay with the kids while the other one wanders at leisure buying, tasting, and admiring. This is where we found the inspiration for our wedding flowers (dahlias! see header for the photos of inspiration).

West Tisbury Farmer's market

Our favorite flower stand

It’s seriously pretty. Don’t miss the Egg Roll Lady and the pesto from Pam’s.

3) Secret spots from the locals. We’re not iVillage so I feel I can share. Today it was a bit windy for our favorite beach, Squibnocket, and some very kind locals let us in on a new spot to try that was more secluded and calm called Great Rock Bight, right off the North Road in Chilmark and owned by the MV Land Bank. A moderately demanding (by our scale: gym-averse with two small kids) trail led us down to a gorgeous beach that was quiet  and not anything we’d read about/heard about in the years we’d been here before. The water was calm, and dominated by a very big rock off shore that the teens were swimming out to to sun themselves.

4) Menemsha again. The touch tank in front of the harbor master’s “office,” the low-tide crab-catching spots for juniors along the jetty (all you need is a net from the gas station), watching the fishing boats come in with their haul, the Bite (fried oysters twice already and Jasper has proclaimed them “seriously good”), ice cream from The Galley (my fave: a peanut butter chocolate dipped cone.

The Bite, Menemsha

The kids and Melisa prefer the black & white “frappe” aka a milkshake), Larsen’s fish market, and a calm (if rocky) swimming beach all make for a great stop for kids. And if you are an adult sans children: there are some cute antique and clothes shops to explore, not to mention the famed Home Port restaurant raw bar.

Round 1, Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast, Edgartown

5. Opportunistic eventing. Yep, when we’re here, we’re joiners. The Rotary Club pancake breakfast? Check. Tuesday night lobster roll dinners from the Community Church? Yes. Family movie night at the Chilmark Community Center? Pizza Night at the Orange Peel Bakery in Aquinnah? Storytime at the library? Snorkeling in Chappy? Customer Appreciation Day at The Black Dog? Pony Rides off the North Road? Yes, yes, yes and again yes yes yes. You name it, we’re game. We comb the Vineyard Gazette and MV Times for new places to explore. And MVTweets tells us everything that is going on as it is happening. Back-Door Donut night in Oak Bluffs has so far eluded us, but I’m hopeful. And the Wednesday family 80’s music night at live music venue Nectar’s is also on deck for some fun.

Pony Ride, West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard

Watching Jasper take his turn around the ring.

6. Boogie boarding! So fun to get the kids up on boogie boards. And both of them are such champs: each was “womped” by a wave (Jasper went head over heels) and got up for more (in their water wings of course). Next stop: skim boarding. Love watching the little (and big kids) skimming around.

Squibnocket Beach, Chilmark

Assessing the surf at Squiby

7. Salt-water swimming! The water is warm and wonderful and we all LOVE IT.

8. Outdoor showers. Enough said.

9. The views. Bright green and sharp blue; my favorite summer colors, everywhere. The low stone walls, the gray-shingled houses, the hills, the cliffs….

Checking out Vineyard Haven

10. Sleeping until 7 am. Okay, it’s not everyday (Melisa very bitter here), but it’s happened. Sounds small, but it’s so right.


2 Responses to “Martha’s Vineyard Vacation with the Kids: A Few More of My Favorite Things”

  1. 1 Debra August 16, 2010 at 9:22 am

    Sounds so lovely!

  2. 2 Chrissy August 16, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    we love it! Maybe sometime you guys could join us!

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