August 28 – 29: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

Lehigh Valley barge in Red Hook

Get a peek inside this weekend!

What a week. Turns out post-vacation re-entry was kind of a bitch. Have I mentioned recently that we have two kids? Like, twice as many as one? And one of them has been in a very difficult mood for the last eight or ten months. On vacation, there were TWO MOMS to deal with the kid chaos. Now we’re back to business as usual. Chrissy‘s off to work and it’s just me minding the shop. And it’s hard.

Without going into too much detail about the events of Thursday afternoon, let’s just say all of these things and more occurred:

A child barfed at McDonald’s while grossed-out on-lookers attempted to EAT THEIR LUNCH. (Don’t ask why we were there — it was not the original plan.)

I cleaned up a lot of barf.

I removed a charred “Princess” paper plate carrying a charred Amy’s frozen burrito (my lunch!) from the microwave after the tin foil trim on the plate — oops, didn’t notice that — did whatever tin foil does in the microwave.

I cleaned up the charred inside of our microwave.

After reminding our daughter calmly approximately 78 times that we do not hit, kick, push or, generally, hurt others, I YELLED at her for hitting her brother.

I said a silent prayer no neighbors were walking by at the time.

I cried.

Thank God Grandma’s coming to town this weekend.

Now, onto some linky love — and FUN.

Tug & Barge Week at Brooklyn Bridge Park: Tour a barge! Take a trip on a tug! (But you must email to reserve a spot for a trip, and Saturday is already full. Email now for Sunday!) — Mommy Poppins

Bows are back! With twirly skirts. Cute! — Cool Mom Picks

Fort Greene gets a new preschool. — A Child Grows in Brooklyn

A gentle reminder: Take care of yourself first. Yourself, first. Period. (I could have used this reminder yesterday….) — Mom Delicious

Spoke to Brigitte, owner of Lulu’s Cuts & Toys recently. Now her new resale shop — Lulu’s Then & Now — is set to open next week, on August 31st. Yay! — Brownstoner

Happy weekend!


4 Responses to “August 28 – 29: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas”

  1. 1 Betsy Carter August 27, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    aw Melisa,

    Sorry about your barfy day–particularly the tinfoil in the microwave episode. Hope it’s a sunnier, quieter weekend.


  2. 2 Melisa August 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Oh, thanks, Betsy! The toilet overflowed this morning — !!! — but other than that, it has been a much sunnier day. Hoping the same for the weekend, and hope you have a good one, too.


  3. 3 Amy September 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Somehow I missed this post, wow. I feel you honey! The past two evenings I’ve picked up two cranky, tired whiners from their school. Yesterday older boy wigged out on me because I wouldn’t let him ride home with his head out the sunroof. Ya, like that was ever going to happen. It was a shrieking, kicking wig out in the parking lot witnessed by all the other parents. Let’s say he had to be man-handled into his car seat. And his darling baby brother loudly repeated “water” over and over for the entire ride home. I guess he was thirsty or something? Deeeeeeep breaths.

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