Birthday for Mom(mies)!

So last year we celebrated my birthday in Paris! And because Melisa’s birthday is two days later, it was a big group French birthday party. It was great. Wow, really great. OMG, hang on I have to take a minute…in fact maybe we should all take a minute and reflect? Sigh.

Okay, I’m back.

This year, we’re celebrating the birthdays in Brooklyn, and with Grandma in the house, we can get out to do a few of our favorite things. And of course, in typical fashion, my birthday wish list is a little late. But here goes:

For me the fashonista:


I need fall clothes. Bad. Otherwise, I’ll be wearing my whites into the office on the first brisk day of the season. I like the layered look from, above. But no need to order from catalogs; Grandma will be babysitting today, so I’ll be able to visit my usual haunts: Anthropologie, Kiwi and the new place Melisa wrote about, Two Lovers.

For me the jewelry hound:

Oh, MV! I miss you.

I didn’t have time to pick up a keepsake this year in Martha’s Vineyard. Hard to capture the things I love about the island in a charm, but this lobster claw, from local designer CB Stark, is darling.

For me the mommy:

Gibson Lane Silhouette

I’ve been coveting these since I saw my cousin Amy post the one she had created of her son to her facebook page. She worked with Gibson Lane Studios, based in Richmond, VA. The price is very reasonable, $65 for an 8×10 framed, matted print (plus a $25 one time set up charge).

How about a drink here:

Cocktails! (photo from the NYTimes)

A new bar! Courtesy of friend and foodie David G., who tweeted a New York Times piece about Orient Express. It looks fun and grown-up, and who doesn’t want a swank cocktail? Sidecar, please, on the double!

Nails done at Sweet Lily:

This is for my feet? Oh yeah.

And a movie?

Calgon, take me away!


2 Responses to “Birthday for Mom(mies)!”

  1. 1 Amy W September 3, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Enjoy every moment and treat mommies…you both deserve it all! Cheers!

  1. 1 Shiny Brite Great Gifts for Mom « Shiny Brite Trackback on December 16, 2010 at 7:27 am

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