Weekly Menu, September 12-18

Well, here we are, at the first full week of school. And I’m trying to figure out the best way to think about weekday cooking. Do it in big batches? Or do it on the fly (the usual)? I’ve been exploring the blogosphere this week looking for inspiration, and have found plenty, but am still on the fence about what to do next.

Saturday’s CSA bounty was wonderful: Corn, gorgeous tomatoes, eggplants, peppery arugula, swiss chard, golden beets and apples a-go-go. So first up (last night) was the CSA dinner with Katie. This is the one where we get together and try to plow through some of the harvest. We combined a couple of recipes we found online to make a delicious vegetarian meal (a good idea since I ate my weight in cheese and pork the night before).

Weekly Menu:

Sunday: Pasta with Roast Garlic & Shallots, Cannellini Beans and Sautéed Swiss Chard, served with a side of Roasted Beet Salad with Toasted Pecans and Goat Cheese.  Everything delicious. The only complaint is that the colors of the two dishes, together, didn’t have enough contrast to make them pretty on the plate, but I’d serve each again with different things.

Monday: I’m at a dinner with a charming author (hint: his book got a rave on the cover of the New York Times Book Review yesterday), so Melisa & the kids are fending for themselves with Sautéed Lemon Chicken served with Green Beans and Sliced Tomatoes

Tuesday:  Hobo-pack Halibut Over Greens

Wednesday: Grilled Steak and Corn, Fresh Tomatoes, Arugula. Yum.

Thursday: Stir-fried Shrimp and Sautéed  Japanese Eggplant

Friday:  Grilled Chicken Breast and Leafy Green Lettuce Salad with Slivered Orange and Fennel

Saturday: Pizza Night!

Good luck, everyone!


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