Great Shoes for Back-to-School: Tsukihoshi Sneakers

Tsukihoshi sneakersLast year, we were pathetically behind in getting new fall shoes for the kids. When the first real cold spell snapped, Jasper had to wear Teva‘s with socks to school, while every other child seemed to show up in something scuff-free and appropriate. Very uncool. We felt like lame moms. We vowed to do better this year!

We still haven’t dealt with snow boots, but at least we got it together to get the kids some awesome new kicks for back-to-school.

Tsukihoshi sneakers

Tsukihoshi sneakers

What we bought:

A Japanese brand of sneakers called Tsukihoshi. (

Why we like them:

Lots of fun, bright colors in retro looks.

The kids were into them immediately — no convincing or coercing.

They’re extremely lightweight.

The kids can put them on without any assistance.

They’re machine-washable. As in, just THROW THEM IN and then let them air-dry.

Where to buy:

You can find them online at zappos and amazon, but since they’re Japanese, the sizing can be a little funky on American feet (apparently, ours are bigger.) I’d suggest instead heading to Peek A Boo Kids at 333 Court Street in Carroll Gardens to get the right fit.

The brand makes sneaks in baby, toddler, and youth sizes.

What they cost:

About $45 – $60, depanding on size and style.


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