Singing the Lunch Box Blues: Tips & Inspiration

PB&J (her) and hummus or avocado sandwiches (him) are working overtime in our little corner of Brooklyn. I’m DYING for some inspiration or lunch box tips.

And, as is often the case, if you can steal an hour (broken up into five minute bits across two weeks) and look around online, inspiration is bountiful.

So to share:

Over at, a nice post that features lunch box items divided into helpful lists — carbs/tummy fillers, veggies, fruits, proteins, dairy — culled from the author’s own fall-backs, and reader suggestions. Pick one item from each list and voila! Lunch box is filled. The concept is a good one; it  reminded me of an old piece in Cookie magazine (RIP) for mix and match dinners that I always thought was kind of cool (can’t find a link online to share with you, but maybe it’s in their new cookbook Time for Dinner?).

Jan Scott at FamilyBites had a similar idea of mix and match and came up with a “30-day lunch plan” that you can download, print out, and post to your fridge for daily inspiration.

P.S.: Looking over these lists, I’m noticing that the cool moms are sending their kids to school with soup. Who knew?

My favorite inspiration so far, though, has been from a wonderful blog called Wendolonia. Perusing it is like a mini-trip to Etsy; by that I mean that every time I visit Etsy, I’m blown away by how creative people are. And this blogger, a mom to two young boys out in San Francisco, does some AMAZING creative things with Bento Boxes. I’m particularly loving her feature called “This Week in Bentos” where she shows you, in photos, what she packed for school lunches that week, and best of all, what came back home.

So cute! Photo by Gamene @ Flickr

Guess who went out at lunch yesterday and bought some silicone cupcake cups for her Bento Boxes? Me! And if I can find the Totoro (as in “My Neighbor Totoro,” must-see kid film) Bento, or the Police Car Bento in Chinatown, watch out!

Williams-Sonoma, $6.95

Definitely feeling like I have a few more tools in my lunch box arsenal, hope you feel the same.


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