Weekly Menu, September 26-October 2

I had a great idea today. I thought it would be fun to make every Sunday night an international night where we would “travel” to another country. I thought that this would both expand the kids’ palates and also prepare them for next year when I hope we’ll be taking an exciting trip abroad (more on that later).

Let’s just say tonight’s dinner was, to my mind, a disaster. I don’t know if I should chalk it up to trying something too big too late in the day, or just a general miss, but our “trip” to Italy was a dud.

Photo by Woodleywonderworks

I saw somewhere online last week that someone was making an eggplant parmesan. We have eggplant. We have parm. We have breadcrumbs, egg, flour. Breaded eggplant might be a way to get the kids to eat it! And I thought something simple, like pasta with a good tomato sauce, would be a shoo-in for clean plates. I was wrong on both counts. Jasper liked the pasta, but Magnolia wouldn’t touch it with the sauce on. Jasper tried the eggplant, but declared immediately he didn’t like it. Magnolia didn’t give it the time of day. The salad we made, of brand new, gorgeous red-leaf CSA lettuce, was still gritty, despite careful washing. The sauce, from the Gastrokid Cookbook, was delicious. But we hadn’t made enough pasta.

Cosmic forces were against me.

Not sure if we’re going traveling next week.

On to the menu:

Sunday: Enough said.

Monday: Vegetarian Stir-fry

Tuesday: Roasted or Grilled Chicken Breasts (depends on the weather) with Potatoes & Leeks

Wednesday: Dinner out for me (work), Burrito night for everyone else

Thursday: Pasta with Pancetta and Roast Tomatoes and GRIT-FREE!! Red-Leaf Salad

Friday: Grilled Flank Steak with Arugula Salad and CSA Tomato

Saturday: Pizza Night! Maybe with pancetta and fresh tomato

Hope your trip this week is filled with blue skies and good food…


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