Weekly Menu, October 3-9 (Complete with Trip to Sodor)

Last week, my idea to make Sunday night an “international night” where we make food from and learn a bit about another country, was in peril of dying after the first run-through. Our trip to Italy did not work out so well. I almost gave up.

And then the week passed, and well, here I am again, ready to try one more time. I asked the kids where they wanted to go and you’ll not be surprised to hear that Jasper answered, “where Thomas is from.” For those of you not in the know, England.

Well, fine.

I consulted Nigella Lawson, certain that the curvy diva of the kitchen would have some delicious ideas, but didn’t see anything that I thought the kids would like (or that I wanted to deal with. Cornish Game Hens? Uh, no).  I went on line, looking at that exalted savior of the school lunch Jamie Oliver’s website. Toad in the Hole, a bread and sausage combo, looked intriguing:

Photo by David Loftus

But would the kids eat it? Hmmm.

I decided to call in the expert. Namely, our good friend Helen, Brit extraordinaire. She suggested Shepherd’s Pie, the traditional casserole of ground meat and veggies topped with mashed potatoes and baked until the potatoes have a nice crisp crust on top. (Mom and dad, I hear you in Connecticut saying, “oh no, poor J&M.”)

Now, I spent a year in England in college, and Shepherd’s Pie was never really my thing. Despite a brief love affair with Tuna Casserole as a child, and a broccoli and chicken dish smothered in cheddar cheese, our family has an aversion to casserole. Too much stuff going on.

Truth is, I’m a little lost on the cuisine from England subject. So reader, we’re going to try the Pie tonight! We have Helen’s personal recipe in hand, and it looks pretty good to me. Maybe I’ve grown up, maybe I’m just hungry. I will report back tomorrow and let you know how it goes. As a bonus, we are chasing the Pie with a Trifle, which is essentially pound cake, whipped cream, and fruit in pretty layers.

Trifle goodness

Any other suggestions on great British food for kids? Or cool British factoids to use as conversation around the table tonight? Bring ’em on.

Weekly Menu:

Sunday: Off to England! Tally ho. Shepherd’s Pie and Trifle on the menu.

Monday: Green Eggs and Ham. Sounds cool, no? It’s a baked egg dish with finely chopped greens and mushrooms, and ham (my addition) that I found on a pretty site called Brooklyn Supper. Big experiment. Could be a huge dud. We’ll find out.

Tuesday: Back to simple: Shrimp Stir Fry over Bok Choy

Wednesday: Burrito Night. Vegetarian Style.

Thursday: Pasta with Pecorino and Pepper. Simple and perfect with a leafy green salad.

Friday: Grilled Chicken Kabobs and Rice Pilaf

Saturday: Steamed Halibut with Ginger over Greens


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