The Weekly Menu, October 17-October 23


Photo by *Micky on Flickr


Fall. It’s here.

We were in Connecticut this weekend, and the trees were incredible. “Wow, look at that red tree” started to sound a little over-used, so I switched to plain old “wow.” Note to self to try to get a walk in Central Park this week.

Quick recap of last week’s menu: full recommend for the Black Bean Burrito/Quesadilla thing that I pulled off of Dinner: A Love Story. The quick pickled red onions were a snap and an easy add to a weekday staple. The baked chicken in creamy tomato sauce, also from DALS, did not happen. What did happen is that I opened the marscapone cheese and discovered it looked like a putrid green brain. Eek! So much for the sell-by date.

Weekly Menu:

Sunday: Well, it was supposed to be international night, but truth is that I had been up at 5:45 and 5:30 am Saturday and Sunday respectively, and really, I couldn’t pull it together. Plus, our trip to China is now more like a trip to Chinatown (someday soon). Steamed pork buns here we come! So the kids acted like bears (code for: ate salmon) and Melisa and I indulged in my favorite favorite favorite recipe of Shrimp & Soba Noodles. Seriously, if I haven’t worn you down yet, I will. You will eat it in a box, and you will eat it with a fox.

Monday: Grilled Argentinian Style Flank Steak and Chimichurri Sauce (recipes abound, you could try this one from Gourmet) with Arugula Salad and the last of the summer tomatoes (a moment of silence please).

Tuesday: Pasta Alla Norma. Yep, back to eggplant. This sounded intriguing. We’ll see if the kids go for it.

Wednesday: Roast Corn and Green Chile Burrito

Thursday: Roast Chicken and Squash with Sauteed Broccolini

Friday: Some sort of fish is all I can tell you at this point. Not sure what.

Saturday: Pizza night rides again! I think we’re going old-style: pepperoni & mushroom.

By the way, Pandora is rocking my world with a little Bob Schneider & Jackson Browne (he might be a jerk but what a voice).

May your week be filled with sun and a little warmth…


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