November 6 – 7: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

tiny prints JOY

from tiny prints, "Snow Spangled" in red.

October and Halloween are behind us now, which means you know what — time to start thinking about holiday cards! I know, it seems harsh. Lucky for me, I have a wife who loves thinking about this stuff. She doesn’t find it at all overwhelming. Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyway, like it or not, it’s time, so check out the awesome round-up of some of the cutest holiday cards from tiny prints, minted, and others over at Mom Finds.

And look at these adorable personalized greeting cards that @DailyCandyKids Tweeted about earlier this week. Click around a little bit — you get to choose your child’s hair and eye color, hair style, expression, clothes, and more in a cute illustration. Sort of like creating a personalized paper doll of your child. I find them oddly appealing.

More things I liked this week….

Oh, the pre-baby preconceptions we have about what kind of parents we’ll be and what kind of kids we’ll have…. Then you actually have the little sh*ts and you’ve got to deal with reality. See what the adhocMOMS have to say about the whole sad situation (it’s very funny and involves Mini Boden. You will like.)

Winter’s coming — you need access to awesome indoor activities at your immediate disposal. So is the Trailblazer membership to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum worth it? Brooklyn Based spells it out for you (and I’m leaning towards “yes.”)

And if you’re looking for a fun indoor activity for Sunday, consider this unusually cool one: Fall Family Day at the Museum at Eldridge Street, via Mommy Poppins. Check out a beautiful, brand-new stained glass window designed by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans and let kids enjoy hands-on art activities, including making their very own rose window.

Happy weekend!



2 Responses to “November 6 – 7: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas”

  1. 1 Amy W November 5, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Must run in the fam — I’ve been checking out holiday cards too! 😉 And that adhocMom post is brillz!

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