Shiny Brite Guide to the Best Christmas Cards Online

‘Tis the season when I start obsessing about Christmas cards. Melisa sighs and remains patient as I show her countless card options, debate the photo card vs. charming old-style illustrated card, bemoan the message, hearing my mother’s voice questioning “happy holidays?,”  and hone the address list.

The last few years, we’ve gone the photo card route, via I like TinyPrints. They do a nice job, even if they do seem too obsessed with BROWN as a Christmas color. To me, this is like BROWN in a nursery. I know it’s trendy, but I just can’t get behind it. Anyhoo, this year, I was hoping to find some alternative options, just to shake it up a little.

A little sleuthing revealed some not-so-secret-but-new-to-us options, and that Etsy is your best friend if you want truly unique and original (not to mention gorgeous).

Our favorites: I think of them for their clean, peppy approach to the holidays. And they offer a nice option to customize select cards to a “yearline” design, which allows you to include more photos and text in the interior to highlight events of your year.

Vintage Typography Poster card from offers more modern takes on the holidays, with rounded edges on all their cards, and a fresh, clean design. Best of all, the cards print on 130 lb paper, and the company is eco-friendly; they plant a tree in honor of every order, and all cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. Green mama, you’re on high alert.

Simply Photo card from Paperculture is, again, the workhorse here — with everything for every budget. We’ve ordered from them for three years and been nothing but happy. Melisa posted this one on Friday — it’s a cutie and I know just the photo that would work!

Snow Spangled by

Now, on to the wonder that is

I love this card from Armato Design & Press:

but alas, I missed the boat. They sold out of this Rudolph letterpress design (isn’t the envelope darling? not to mention the illustration!) before I was ready to make a decision. The good news is that they have plenty of other festive holiday options (including photo cards). Check them out here.

Flora & Fauna Press also offers some beautiful letterpress options, including one to “choose any six designs.” And look how cute your choices would be:

Finally, I loved the photo card offerings from Westwillow Designs. We’re not French, but given our love of all things Gallic:

Joyeux card from Westwillow Designs

Hmm, or a holiday surfer girl could be just the thing if you’re out in Cali. This card by byvikINK is one I’d love to give or get:

Holiday Surfer Girl card by byvikINK

I could go on and on. Etsy is a treasure trove.

I’m still not sure what we are going to do! As per usual I have overwhelmed myself with choices. But I intend to get a hold of the holiday card within this week. And then it’s on to the Christmas tree

Happy hunting!


5 Responses to “Shiny Brite Guide to the Best Christmas Cards Online”

  1. 1 Ellen November 9, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Have you been to Target recently? They are all about BROWN. Which might mean that it’s done by next Xmas.

  2. 2 Julia November 9, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    yikes. I already did our photo cards, and I did go brown. But its cute — I promise! And I did it because I wanted a “neutral” holiday theme that would go with two girls dressed head to toe in pink! I do love some of thsoe etsy choices…next year!

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