Where to Go Next: Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Brooklyn Farmacy

Weekends are a negotiation — constantly trying to figure out a balance of activities that will entertain the kids and keep the moms happy, too. It feels like a score when we find a destination that accomplishes both easily.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain (513 Henry Street) has been on my radar since a friend told me over the summer she’d been to a couple of birthday parties there with her kids. Then when I discovered I could find new local fave P&H Soda there, I decided we had to make a bee-line for the place. It’s on old-style soda fountain in Carroll Gardens, serving up ice cream sundaes, shakes, egg creams, Cherry Lime Rickeys, sparkling sodas, hot chocolate, and yummy baked goods. In short: a perfect mid-afternoon treat destination.

Brooklyn Farmacy

And, as Chrissy noted recently in a post on best Brooklyn spots for holiday shopping, there are a few fun things to buy here, too — plush, hand-made baby toys and interesting local foodstuff.

ice cream sundae

It’s just a nice, mellow place to hang, too. We took over the big table in the back, but if it’s just you and a kid, grab a spot at the counter so you can watch the treats being made. Gia, one of the very friendly owners, mentioned two things that are of interest to moms: One is that birthday party thing — she offers a list of detailed, reasonably-priced packages and party menus, and will make suggestions for entertainers and photographers if you like.

The other is that she thinks Brooklyn Farmacy would be a great place for a moms’ group to meet. Gia does her ordering for the shop on Friday mornings and says the place is quiet then. And she opens early that day, at 10am. If you’re nearby and looking for a spot to meet, you might want to give it a try.


In addition to soda fountain treats, expect a few savory items, too, and, on the weekends, lookout for sticky buns from Trois Pommes Patisserie (we heart Trois Pommes) and donuts from Peter Pan Bakery.

Brooklyn Farmacy

Given that the weather has snapped to freezing, next time I go I’ll probably have a hot chocolate. But on my first visit, while J. and M. noshed on kid-sized sundaes, I had a Cherry Lime Rickey made with P&H lime syrup. Delish.

So local, so Brooklyn, so good.

Brooklyn Farmacy


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