Weekly Menu, New Year’s Recipes, and SNOW

The view outside our living room window. Can Spidey help with the shoveling?

Whew, well Christmas is over, and we’ve got the credit card bills to prove it! And now 2010 is going out in a roar; there’s probably two feet of snow on the ground outside. The streets aren’t plowed and there are snow drifts all over the place, climbing walls and covering cars. The kids are beside-themselves excited. I’m remembering I don’t have good gloves for shoveling. And grateful that we’re snug in our little house, with heat and food.

Perfect time to think of the menu and peruse the cookbooks we got for Christmas.

The cast of characters.

For me: The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Ree Drummond’s cookbook (you might recall it was on my Christmas list). I’m looking forward to making some of her down-home recipes (egg in the hole this morning or migas? I need some protein to get me ready for shoveling). The cookbook reads like her website: like you’re talking to a good friend, albeit one who lives on a working ranch and has more time to cook. Spicy pulled pork, here I come.

For Melisa: Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan. Now this is how a cookbook should look: gorgeous. I want to make everything. There’s tons of white space on the pages, making the recipes easy to read, and the photography is outstanding. Not to mention the recipes, which look amazing. Even the fancy stuff sounds simple to pull together and perfectly elegant (Crab & Grapefruit Salad, Salmon & Tomatoes en Papillote, Mediterranean Swordfish with Frilly Herb Salad). I see trying Dorie’s “Go-to Beef Daube” (a type of beef stew) or Roast Chicken for Les Paresseaux (for “lazy people”) in the next few weeks for sure.


I could look and dream all day. Alas, the kids are restless to get out in the snow and breakfast needs to hit the table. So off to the weekly menu, which is a bit abbreviated this week due to holiday visiting with friends:

Sunday: Black Bean Burritos. We needed a break from the rich Christmas meals and this was just the thing.

Monday: Looking forward to the Tortilla Soup Melisa made yesterday for lunch. For dinner: Salmon fillets (pre-marinated from Omaha Steaks –– thank you, Aunt Angel & Uncle David!) with Sautéed Green Beans & Pilaf.

Tuesday: Ellen & Kyre’s baby shower is in Williamsburg, and assuming we get a sitter, we’ll be over in the hip neighborhood for the dinner hour. The kids will dine on Pasta & Veggies.

Wednesday & Thursday: We’ll be with company both evenings and should cook together. Let’s just say I’m bringing my new cookbooks. Personally, I want King Ranch Casserole one of those nights. Not sure if the kids will like it –has anyone tried it with their kids? Chicken Pot Pie is also up there as a possibility.

Friday: New Year’s Eve will be Melisa and me celebrating with the kids. It may be all about Ina Garten’s Pasta with Truffle Butter chased by her festive Chocolate Cake.

Saturday: Pizza night for certain.


2 Responses to “Weekly Menu, New Year’s Recipes, and SNOW”

  1. 1 Amy December 27, 2010 at 10:20 am

    I love King Ranch casserole and usually make a version that combines that recipe with another similar recipe I have for an enchilada-type casserole. I can send you that variation if you like. Peter has tried it, but he’s younger than your kiddos and still not too keen on things all mixed up together. Even things he loves separately. Grrrr.

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