Happy New Year! Resolutions and Photo Highlights from 2010

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! The streets were finally plowed, and we escaped to the Catskills for a few days where the kids took their first ski lesson, and spent some QT in the snow with friends (Melisa and I spent some QT with friends and a glass of wine). Ah.

And now here we are: 2011. Time for making resolutions and planning ahead. I think my main New Year’s resolution is (same as last year) to TRY to be more patient. And to laugh more. Ideally, also I’d work exercise into my life about once a week, but why get ahead of myself? In the spirit keeping track of all these desires/wishes/wants, I decided to keep a running wish list for 2011 (on the side of the blog) of everything we’d like to do this year. My favorite Bento guru, Wendolonia, does this on her blog and I find it inspiring.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from 2010.

New Year’s Day 2010. YAWN, the mommies want to go back to bed.

February snowstorm in Connecticut

What’s better than a snow angel?

March showers…i.e., searching for indoor activities.

Magnolia & George — note M’s broken hand (a lowlight of the year).

Rare warm day in April and red toes for Nola.

First tooth lost!

A moment of sharing, documented below. One to frame.

Goodbye, Kindergarten. Hello, First Grade!

Happy Birthday, M! Where did the four years go?

Happy Birthday, J! Six years happy.

Martha’s Vineyard, hooray! Blissed out exhibit #1:

Blissed out MV photo #2 (all-you-can-eat-pancakes make it extra special):

Blissed out photo # 3: Mom, can we keep him?

First day of school.

Wait, there’s still time for one more trip to the beach, right? Thanks, J & A.

Tinkerbell and Spidey — an unlikely pair, but very cute.

ROAR! November visit to Chinatown

A (very) small selection of cousins in Brooklyn! Much wine consumed.


First day skiing for J & M! Goodbye 2010!


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