Easy Migas: Inspired by The Pioneer Woman, Made By Me


Don't forget the hot sauce (we're partial to Red Devil.)

Snow day! Which, as you know, I hate. (Even Magnolia, when I complained about it on our way to school this morning, said “I know. I know you don’t like the snow.”) So I decided I deserved something delicious for breakfast. I’ve been thinking about migas — a comforting scrambled-egg dish with peppers, cheese, and tortilla chips — since I read The Pioneer Woman‘s recipe for it in her cookbook. It’s a dish I know well — I had migas many, many a morning when I was in college. And I look forward to having it in Austin every year when we go home for a visit.

This morning, I made my own.

migas prep

I know what’s in the dish from years of eating it, of course, and I had scanned The Pioneer Woman‘s version over the holidays, so I just assembled my ingredients and did my own thing (her recipe is a little more involved, but fabulous, I’m sure. You can find it — and step-by-step prep photos — on her site.)

Chop everything first — peppers, tomatoes, scallion or onion. Grate pepper jack cheese. Crumble tortilla chips into small bite-size pieces (or fry your own, as The Pioneer Woman does.) Whisk eggs together with a little milk or half and half.

Then saute the peppers in butter until they are soft and browned in spots.

red pepper

Add tortillas, stir, and let soften just for a minute.

pepper and tortilla chips

Then reduce the heat and add eggs and a few tomatoes and scallions. When the eggs begin to cook, add in most of the pepper jack cheese. Fold the mixture together slowly and gently as it cooks (do not stir once everything is in the pan.) When the eggs are done, fold everything carefully out onto a plate. Top with remaining cheese, tomatoes, and scallion. Add freshly ground pepper, a little sea salt, and hot sauce to taste.

(Per The Pioneer Woman, and according to your own preferences, you can also add or use cilantro (in a rare moment, I was out), jalapeno, green pepper, Cotija or Cheddar cheese.)

Mmm. For a snow day, or any day.



More recipes and food inspiration from Shiny Brite.


2 Responses to “Easy Migas: Inspired by The Pioneer Woman, Made By Me”

  1. 1 Paula/adhocmom January 12, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    You ladies seriously put me to shame. However, I can absolutely get behind a dish for breakfast that involves CHIPS. Maybe I can get my super picky girl to eat this for dinner?

  2. 2 Melisa January 12, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    We’ve had good luck camouflaging various things in eggs — if she likes eggs, cheese, and tortilla chips, I think you have an excellent shot at success (with bonus veggies thrown in.)

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