January 15 – 16: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas


Head to DUMBO for the Jacques Torres Classic or Wicked hot chocolate.

Besides swim lessons, we have a plan-free weekend — yay! That never happens. We’ll be watching the Golden Globes, of course — other than that, here are a few things on my mind….

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate at Jacques Torres. (Make mine Wicked, please.) See what other Brooklyn spots Mommy Poppins recommends for chocolate-y-marshmallow goodness.

The kids have been clamoring for a turn on our iPhones lately to play Angry Birds or Cake Doodle. Here’s an alternative — give them their own ($10!) Fisher Price Smart Phone instead! (via Mom Finds) Will cut way down on the anxiety factor when the thing gets dropped (and it always gets dropped.)

We’ve been meaning to take the kids to Arty Facts at the Brooklyn Museum for ages — maybe this is the weekend, with the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the program. Look for studio projects and family tours.

Think you could get your kids to stop fighting and hitting by paying them? A mom at The Stir did. Really! It worked for her 6- and 4-year old. I might give it a try, too.

Check out mappiness, an interesting project (and tool) that lets you “map” your own happiness based on lots of different factors. Hhmmm. (via Cool Mom Tech and Swiss Miss)

So, um, yeah — happy weekend!



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