February 12 – 13: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas, the Rainbow Connection Edition

rainbow house on Clipper Street

flickr photo / jordanpattern

Like many 4-year-old girls, Magnolia is rainbow-obsessed. She loves her Rainbow in My Room, a cool toy that projects a colorful prism across the wall or ceiling. She wants to dye her hair rainbow; she wants to paint our house rainbow; she wants a rainbow birthday cake.

So, little bug — this one’s for you! And all the others under its spell: the lovers, the dreamers, and M.


The house above may be on Clipper Street in San Francisco — and if a rainbow house belongs anywhere, it’s in SF — but it looks a lot like our little frame house. Wonder how much a house painter would charge for that job?

rainbow headboard

photo / holamurray

When I saw this on Swiss Miss last week, I knew M. would flip for it — and she did. Could someone really have that for their bed? Really??? I could see the longing in her eyes. (I spotted it on Swiss Miss, but she saw it on Pinterest and looks like it originally appeared on holamurray.)

rainbow hair

photo / forever jann

I told M. she has to be a little older before she can rock this look. She asked if I’d dye my hair rainbow now so she could see in person what it looks like. Um, sorry, honey. No.

rainbow cake

photo / omnomicon

rainbow cake

photo / omnomicon

M. came up with the idea that she wants a rainbow cake for her birthday on her own — she’s certainly never seen one, until now. We’re baking a birthday cake for our friend Helen this weekend — maybe she’ll be the lucky recipient of a rainbow variety?

This one looks fun and kid-friendly — and mixes up all the colors. Martha Stewart (via Whisk Kid) has a fancier version (below) with lemony Swiss meringue buttercream, and a how-to video is included in the post.

Martha Stewart rainbow cake

Last, Kermit the Frog + Debbie Harry singing “The Rainbow Connection” = a little bit of awesome.

Have a bright and happy weekend!


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