Weekly Menu: February 13 – 19

Photo by lovestruck via flickr

First things first: we tried a bunch of new recipes last week. The Roast Chicken with Dijon Sauce from Smitten Kitchen was a twist on our usual Sunday roast chicken: the cut-up bird is browned on the stove and finished in the oven (same pan!) rather than roasted whole. The dijon sauce was simple to prepare, and knocked the dish out of the park. All-in-all, an easy recipe to pull off for company or a Sunday supper. Next time I will cook the sauce longer to thicken it up; the flavor is delicious, but I’d like it to stick to the chicken a bit more.

Cooking Light’s Curry Spiced Noodles had good flavors, and we threw in some leftover chicken instead of the cashews. As far as stir-fry goes, this one was not at the top of my list. It either needs some serious heat (spice); what doesn’t? Or you could just make Pioneer Woman’s Monday Night Stir Fry.

Finally, the Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca is a meal you can count on having on the table in 30 minutes. We served it with roast leeks and rice pilaf. It’s a crowd-pleaser that also presents well. Good for weekday eating or company.

We didn’t get to the Thai-ish Salmon from Dinner A Love Story but will soon.

On to the weekly menu:

Sunday: We’ve had a CRAZY weekend again! So, Rotisserie Chicken and Roasted Brussels Sprouts are on for Sunday supper.

Monday: Valentine’s Day = Date night for mommies! What’s it going to be? Movies? Dinner? Delicious cocktails? Cute shoes? All of the above? Don’t know but something fun is in the plan. Kids are eating (Love) Burgers and Fries.

Tuesday: Sizzled Shrimp Provençal, an old fave, served with salad and rice pilaf

Wednesday: More Shiitake Burritos (last week’s were a hit, and did you know Shiitake’s help lower cholesterol? Not that we’re worried, but FYI)

Photo by Libraryman from Flickr

Thursday: CRAVING THIS: Sopa de Lima (Mexican Lime Soup) via Homesick Texan. This is a Lime-y Chicken Soup served with Tortilla Chips crumbled on top. Sounds good, no?

Friday: Lasagne and salad

Saturday: Pizza night rides again!

Hope you have a week filled with love and small candy hearts.


2 Responses to “Weekly Menu: February 13 – 19”

  1. 1 Amy February 15, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    If you make the soup will you do the short version or go for it??

  2. 2 Chrissy February 17, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    The short version!! But even that version is not short enough for us this week. You’ll see why.

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