Weekly Menu, April 10-16 (or not)

Love this. Maybe for my tombstone.

Wow, well we had an AMAZING day Saturday at Touch-a-Truck. The weather was in the 60’s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Over 5,000 parents and kids descended on our little corner of the world to climb on great trucks and eat spectacular food. Best of all, as this was a fundraiser for our public school, we raised terrific capital that will go direct to our arts programs. Couldn’t be more pleased, and officially crossed off the “blow out Touch-a-Truck” line on my to-do list.

In fact, I was able to cross off two things yesterday, because Melisa and I also got to Egg in Williamsburg for breakfast on Friday. Run, don’t walk; the breakfast there is amazing and completely worth the travel if you’re not already in the nabe. I’m still thinking about the blueberry and rhubarb jam (and looking forward to my own rhubarb supplier coming through soon). Seriously: the best breakfast in the borough and open early.

Now to the menu. Here’s the thing, gang, the weekly menu is on hiatus.

We’re in a post Touch-a-Truck haze, and getting ready to go on vacation. So it’s all ad hoc from here. And that’s fun, no? Letting a little uncertainty into life? Like driving 13 hours in a 15 year old car? Okay, I’m taking the car in for a tune-up tomorrow just to be sure, because truthfully, I’m not ALL THAT COMFORTABLE with a lot of uncertainty: I like to have a plan (exhibit A: weekly menu).

Anyhoo, enjoy your menus this week, whatever they may be! I’m dreaming of shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and coconut cake; of breakfast at The Hominy Grill, dinner at FIG, sunsets at The Boathouse, and many, many other eats and treats in Charleston. Not to mention the beach.

By Sunday, it will all be a reality.

Ta! And sweet dreams.


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