Spring Break, Here We Come!

First, in case you were wondering, here’s what went down yesterday afternoon at the pool party on the Upper West Side….

I was looking and feeling pretty good, if I do say so myself — I bought a new last-minute swimsuit, got a pedicure, whipped out the curling iron, shaved my legs, found something cute to wear, and made use of my new makeup. By the time I’d yanked the kids out of school early and schlepped into Manhattan, I was READY to meet the famous mom. Psyched, even.

But she was a no-show! Just as we arrived, she texted our friend that she was stuck in a meeting. So she sent the kids (who are polite and look just like her, by the way) on to the party with their nanny. Rats! If the meeting ends up happening another time, I’ll no doubt go through the same neurotic thoughts, but hopefully I’ll be able pull my sh*t together again. Who knows? We’ll see. (And thanks for the sweet comments yesterday! They helped.)

NOW. Moving on.

SeeWee Restaurant

Southern-fried goodness at SeeWee restaurant in Awendaw, South Carolina. (photo: Boston.com)

coconut cake

A reliable source (Grammie) tells us there is good coconut cake to be had at SeeWee, too. (photo: CakeChannel.com)

Spring Break! You’re looking at what we’ll be doing. We’re headed to Charleston, South Carolina, which means GOOD SOUTHERN FOOD is in store. Beyond that, our plans are humble, and we’ve given them zero advance thought. We’re looking forward to getting in some pool time, some beach time, and some serious doing nothing time. We’re all still TAT-weary, and we need this vacation.

Even if we were in NYC for the break, we’d be looking to escape, at least for a day or two. And I’d consult Mommy Poppins‘ list, 30 New York City Family-Friendly Day Trips, on where to go.

Wherever you are, may there be coconut cake in your future.

Off to pack!


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