Labor Day, September 3 – 5: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

La Esquina

Takeaway breakfast tacos, I think I love you.

I keep a mental shortlist of New York City restaurants, bakeries, and food-centric destinations I want to visit — this week, I ticked off Smith Canteen and La Esquina (both worth the wait and do-able with kids.) Smith Canteen is an easy and delicious takeout lunch — don’t forget a chocolate chip fleur de sel cookie to go — and La Esquina is awesome for streetside tacos and people-watching (yes, they have breakfast tacos, too. Get psyched.)

Still on my list:

Seersucker (from the same peeps as Canteen)

Hester Street Fair (they’re doing a Kid’s Day with special kid-friendly foods this weekend if you’re in town)

And, not open until December, but I am sooo excited about 606 R&D, from City Bakery’s Ilene Rosen. Finally, a bit of City Bakery comes to Brooklyn. Hooray!

And on and on….

It’s the moms’ Big Birthday Weekend around here — we’ll be celebrating at new fave Vinegar Hill House.

What’s on your gotta-get-there food list?

May your Labor Day Weekend be filled with end-of-summer fun, good food, and lots of laughs with the kids!

See you back here next week, when it’ll be time (already!) for back-to-school madness. Whoa.



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