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Joe’s Jeans in 55 Colors: What’s Your Color?

Joe's Jeans in 55 Colors


Joe's Jeans Pop-Up Shop in Soho.

cameron_victoria_kim_colored jeans

Celebs sporting colored jeans.


‘Tis the season to shop for others. But, you know, sometimes while you’re out there searching for the just-right something or browsing online for the best deal you can find, it just happens — through no fault of your own — that you stumble on something that YOU want or need.

Like Joe’s Jeans in 55 Colors. You probably need at least one pair, right? (Judging by how many of you clicked on my link to their site in a post last week, I’m guessing a few of you are thinking: YES.)

I’m eyeing cerise and purple passion. What about you?

I’ll totally tell Santa!

(Find Joe’s Jeans in all of their rainbow fabulous-ness at their pop-up shop at 77 Mercer Street bet Broome and Spring in Soho, at Bloomie’s, or online.)




December 10 – 11: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments, pinned on Pinterest via Megduerksen.typepad

Countdown to Christmas, peeps — I could do with a little or a lot of the following:

* The FREE Curious Jane art-book-making event for girls at 61 Local in Carroll Gardens this weekend, Sunday from 11am – 1pm. You can totally drop your daughter and then go Christmas shopping — !!!.

* Pretty delicates from Journelle. (Can someone say “gift for mom?”)

* The Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Rum Cake. Chrissy made this last year and, dang, it’s good. Hello, spiked holiday cake! Yes, it involves a cake mix and instant pudding. Trust me — you won’t care.

* Joe’s Jeans in Fifty-Five Colors. I’ll start with the deep lavender, but I’ll take all 55. Thanks!

(Photo, a Pinterest pin from: Megduerksen.typepad)

Currently Obsessed with…. My Schuler & Sons Boots from Anthropologie

Brass Tacks Boots

Brass Tacks Boots / Schuler & Sons / Currently Out of Stock at Anthro / Wah.

You know it and so do I — we’re Anthro-obsessed.

So I was super-psyched to find these boots at 50% OFF the sale price (!) at the store on Black Friday. Apparently, some online shoppers were loving them, too, ’cause now they’re sold out. Take heart, though — other Schuler & Sons styles can still be found (although not all of them are on sale.) Keep your eyes peeled, though — prices could plummet the closer we get to Christmas. Here’s a cute pair:

Claret Bow Boots

Claret Bow Boots / Schuler & Sons / Anthropologie / $238 / Yay!

These boots + purple tights + my Moth sweater dress (below — I have it in espresso) + OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques” = my fall-into-winter uniform.


Moth Rendition Dress

opi+you+don't+know+jacques nail color

OPI / You Don't Know Jacques nail color

This look is helping me feel it — at least a teeny bit — for fall. Although I’m already dreaming of summer vacation…. < Big sigh. >

Other obsessions:

New French Classics from Food & Wine

State Prints from One Canoe Two

Dining at Buvette


December 18 – 19: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

Anthropologie sale

Ho, ho, ho!

I’m not done with my Christmas shopping, and I bet you aren’t, either. (If you are, I don’t want to hear about it.) So buying presents is on my weekend agenda. Jasper has a very modest wish list — ear muffs, orange slippers, red markers. Magnolia, on the other hand, has requested a magic wand that WORKS REAL MAGIC. If you have any ideas about how to make that happen, then I definitely DO want to hear from you….

Now on to the weekend….

Robot Kit

Robot Kit, Garnet Hill, $4 today

Things to buy:

Stocking stuffers for the kids — Garnet Hill has a cute list of ideas, including this Robot Kit, which is the sale of the day. Regularly $15, today $4.

Fabulous French stuff from Basic French — love them. Basic French will be at the Brooklyn Flea through December, 22, so you’ll have the chance to buy from this online shop in person. Expect gorgeous housewares, adult and children’s clothing, luxe soaps, cute shoes, and random vintage finds. All from France, of course.

Some little something from Anthro — as noted above, you can take an additional 25% off SALE clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories through Sunday, online or in-stores.

PNP video message from Santa

via A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Things to do:

Get a personalized video message from Santa — seriously, you have to do this for your kid! It’s free, easy, and totally cool. Jasper and Magnolia were both mightily impressed, and with good reason. If your kid’s name is fairly common, Santa actually speaks it — he said Jasper, but Magnolia wasn’t in his database of names…. Still, their names were in “Santa’s book” and they got to see pictures of themselves and Santa mentioned specific individual details, including a gift they each want. You may have seen this elsewhere this week — I saw it on A Child Grows and Chrissy spotted it on Cool Mom Picks — definitely take the time to do it. It’s PNP, the Portable North Pole, that makes the magic happen.

Stop by the 3rd Annual Lyceum Holiday Marketplace, via Mommy Poppins. Don’t know that I’ll get any shopping done there — depends on how cool vs. just crafty the goods are — but the kids can see a live version of A Charlie Brown Christmas. $10

Good luck out there with those gifts — happy weekend!


Melisa’s Christmas list

Chrissy’s Christmas list

Great Gifts for Kids

Great Hostess Gifts

Shiny Brite Great Gifts for Mom

Okay, this is really my personal Christmas list, but I think many moms would like what I want. Santa Baby, bring it!

The New York Times, delivered at home. Seriously, I miss it. We canceled our subscription as part of our cost-cutting measures of the great recession of 2008. I’ve tried to read online. I really, really have. Here’s the thing: there’s nothing like actually holding the paper and reading it. Oh, what a luxury. And, yes, it’s true that I ignore the op-eds and read the news section last but what of it? I want my NYT! I want my food section, arts section, home section, style section, endless weekend, real estate, etc etc etc.

A full body day of beauty a la The Wizard of Oz: facial, massage, nails, hair. Have you watched WOZ lately? The part where the whole gang gets spiffed up before meeting the Wizard? (Hop over to YouTube above for a little WOZ interlude.) I think that’s what I need.

Pants. That fit. I lost about 25 pounds in the last year and I mean I HAVE NO PANTS THAT FIT. None. Except two pairs of jeans that I can’t wear to work. Help!

A haircut. What I wouldn’t do to meet Sally Hershberger.

These boots for everyday (thanks Ree Drummond for the inspiration — these look amazing).

Frye "Jane" Boots, $297 at

Come to think of it, I’d love Ree’s cookbook:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks, $27.50

Rain boots. A girl needs rain boots and these would be perfect — love the heel! (tho for the life of me, I don’t know why Kate’s team decided to call these boots “Randi”):

Kate Spade "Randi" boots, $125 (if you can find 'em cheaper, call me!)

A full slip to wear under dresses. Romantic AND practical.

Farr West Slip, $75 from

I’m a beauty product junkie, and Lucky Magazine’s 10 Best Beauty Products of the Past Decade had me at hello. I’d love the Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Treatment, the Ojon Restorative hair treatment, or almost anything on the page (except the Instant Spray Shampoo and anything where the color is “greige”).

$48 @

Purse-size perfume. Like a lipstick, this could be just the thing to perk up your day. I’m completely coveting a friend’s perfume. Can’t get that — too weird — so the next best thing would be Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien.

Help us, indeed

A St. Monica charm for my bracelet. St. Monica is the patron saint of patience. Enough said.

Another find from the December issue of Lucky is a taste of Paris: a candle from Ladurée, the wonderful Parisian tea room:

Mimosa candle, $68 at

Oh, really, there’s such a list (I held back the iPad, the Anthropologie gift certificate, gloves & hat combo etc, etc).

I’ve been good almost all year…

For more NYC mama gift ideas, read Melisa’s Christmas list.

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Currently Obsessed with…. Viva Zapata! Bags

Viva Zapata! bags

You know, the trouble with holiday shopping is you find so many things you want FOR YOURSELF. Yesterday, I was out gift-scouting in some of my favorite shops on Park Slope’s 5th Avenue, and I found these adorable bags in Flirt. I covet.

Viva Zapata! bags

They’re Viva Zapata! (one of the designers is Brooklyn-based), and they’re made of vintage naugahyde from the seats of the colorful city buses in Buenos Aires. How cool is that?

While I still love my Franco Sarto Crossbody from last Christmas, the search for the perfect urban mommy bag just never ends. One of these could really help a girl out. (Hint, hint.)

Viva Zapata! bags

Find them at Flirt, Lily, the holiday markets at Grand Central or Union Square, or at other stores listed on their site in NYC and points beyond. Price: about $70 – $130, depending on size and style.

Also obsessed with:

Baked Fontina

Rings by DanaMade

Dresses and More from Wanderlust

Shiny Brite Picks Great Gifts for Kids

I’m starting to sweat the shopping season a bit (how am I going to shop local if I’m never home?) as we get closer to Christmas. At this time of year, my head is spinning thinking of all the possible gifts for the kids out there. I’m always looking for ideas. Here are some of my favorite finds for this year.

The Learning Calendar from Fat Brain Toys is a great gift for a wide range of ages, and it’s gender neutral.

The Learning Calendar from, $14.99

What I like about it: This year, the subject is our planet. There’s a fact-a-day, trivia and monthly craft experiments, not to mention the plain happiness of a six-year-old being able to tell me the day of the week.

Next up, a gift that will put the kids in the mind of traveling (thanks, Cool Mom Picks for bringing this to our attention!).

Little Passports lets your kid “get to know” other countries by following the adventures of two children as they travel the world. Your child will get mail (oh, yeah) from his new friends describing their adventures, plus souvenirs from the places they have been. And there’s a world map included as well.

What I like about it: It’s a fun way for kids to learn about other countries, geography, history and culture. You choose your subscription base (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) and pay as you go or pay up front.

And while the kids have their traveling shoes on, how about sleeping bags under the tree? Our kids are at the age where they are begging for sleep-overs, either with each other, or with friends.

Sleeping bags from Garnet Hill, $68 each

We’ve put this selection into the care of our trusted GFT (Grandma from Texas), but this pair from Garnet Hill would make a snuggly gift.

What I like about sleeping bags: Seems time to give up the “I’m scared” make-shift pallet on the floor. And I figure sleep-over season is coming soon!

One of my favorite finds is Rainbow in my Room. I think either of my kids would love this (or Solar System in my Room), both from Fat Brain Toys.

$25.95 from Fat Brain Toys

What I like about it: Well, rainbows are nice, right? And this one can double as a nightlight (and maybe keep kids from getting out of bed?).

Now, for books, a crowd-pleaser would be this full-color box set of The Little House series.

Little House boxed set, $26.31 on Amazon

What I like about it: Something for everyone in here! Pa is shooting bears and smoking meat. Laura and Mary are playing with their dolls and helping Ma around the farm. And of course, it gives kids a glimpse of our country at a young age, and shows them that things weren’t always as easy as they are now.

Finally, don’t all kids love to borrow your phone and camera whenever they can? How about saving those expensive gadgets and getting them one of their own. This Kidizoom Plus camera from Vtech allows budding photographers to freeze frame the world.

Vtech Kidizoom Plus, $54 on Amazon

What I like about it: The big handles on this camera say it’s small-hand friendly. Kids can personalize photos by adding items like frames and hats. Apparently, there is some way to hook the camera to the TV to showcase your young ‘uns work. Games included (could this be something for long car rides?) as well.

Full disclosure, I’m buying one and hoping to use it to cut down on the “what’s next to unwrap?” moments at Christmas. Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Fingers crossed.


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