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Weekly Menu, October 10 – 16

Before we get to the weekly menu, a note about last week’s “green eggs and ham.” You may recall that I had a pretty sophisticated dish planned, which included mascarpone and feta cheese, plus dark leafy greens (all things I happened to have in the fridge — someone else, please make!). Weeeeelllllllll, that didn’t happen. I had a long day on Monday, and had figured we’d scrap that night’s plan for something a bit simpler. But then, the kids met me at the front door. “Hello, Dr. Seuss, what’s for dinner?!”

Who can resist that? So “green eggs and ham” was revived on the spot. I took four eggs out of the fridge, plus the spinach, and the ham. I whisked the eggs, and put a ½ cup of loose spinach through the mini-prep. Then I mixed the two together with some salt and pepper, and scrambled it on the stovetop.  Two pieces of toast, and two pieces of ham rolled up, and voila! Green eggs and ham…and clean plates. Brahahahaha…spinach gone! Magnolia even asked for it again the next night. Not sophisticated, but a kid-pleasing dish full of vitamins and iron, simple for an everyday weeknight meal in a hurry.

On to the week in dinner. We have been enjoying some wonderful weather this weekend, and it looks like it will continue most of the week.

Weekly Menu:

Sunday: Trip to CHINA!! Canceled due to J’s stomach bug. Poor thing. Look for fun and games and good food from the Far East maybe next weekend. Consolation prize for moms & Aunt Katie:  CSA Broccoli soup (we got 2 lbs of broccoli this week!), Baguette, CSA Lettuce Salad with Goat Cheese and Tomato, chased by Easy Apple Galette! Not bad if we did make it.


You can see the cayenne in this pic


Monday: Halibut in Foil with Juniper Berries, served over leafy greens with a side of wheat pilaf. Craving this!!


Apple Galette...ummmm.


Tuesday: Todd English’s White Bean & Garlic Soup, with Swirled Swiss Chard

Wednesday: From Dinner: A Love Story (which I have been perusing with great pleasure — you’ll note if you’ve clicked through on the links): Baked Chicken in Creamy Tomato Sauce. I am counting on this being a crowd-pleaser!

Thursday: Black Bean Burritos with Pickled Onions, Pepper Jack and Spinach

Friday: Burger night!

Saturday: We’re being entertained, hooray!


Saved a slice for YOU



Chipotle-Spiked Hummus and Avocado Sandwich: A Quick and Easy At-Home Lunch

hummus-avocado sandwich

Staying home with my children has its rewards, but there are definitely things I miss about the working life. Like:

  • Reading on the subway.
  • Periods of time longer than 30 seconds where I do not have to speak to anyone.
  • The occasional lunch-hour haircut or Anthropologie run.

And, speaking of lunch — lunch itself.

Even if I was only eating in front of my computer, I looked forward to lunch and really considered what I was going to get. I often made an effort to seek out new places. I read Midtown Lunch. I would travel out of my way for the Daisy May chili cart. The hunt for a better lunch was always on.

Staying home, that doesn’t happen so much. I eat a lot of turkey sandwiches and salads. Even when I get creative with the ingredients, it still comes down to a lot of turkey sandwiches and salads.

The other day, I tried something a little different — with basic ingredients I routinely have on-hand — and it was pretty delish, if I do say so myself. Even pretty on the plate (please note, above.)

Here’s what I made:

I took some of the smoky chipotle-chiles in adobo sauce that I always have in the fridge, and stirred it into a couple tablespoons of hummus. I spread that on a generous piece of crunchy, toasted whole wheat bread.

Then I scooped out some avocado, mashed it up with salt and pepper, and spread that on top of the hummus. Topped that with a little fresh (not from a jar) salsa, and finished it all off with LOTS of chopped chives from our first CSA haul.

Had it with some fresh-squeezed lemonade that I made muh-self.


Got an easy, go-to, at-home lunch idea that ventures beyond roast turkey on toast? I’m listening….

Weekly Menu: June 13-19

The Table is Set

I know you are wondering if we ate all the greens we got last week as part of our CSA share. Well, no. Still, I’m pretty proud of all we did eat! Two lbs of spinach, a big bunch of Swiss chard, all the scallions, bok choy and a gorgeous head of leafy green lettuce. Still lingering: green garlic (more garlicky than scallion-y) and the Japanese turnips.

I felt good about the recipes I found for the turnips (since you asked: a variety called “Hakurei”) and meant to use them, but like many things I meant to do last week (oh, like tweet more often, become the mother I wish I was i.e. more patient, and pay the water bill), it didn’t happen. Then our CSA sent out this note of endorsement for the Japanese turnip and made them sound like a fun, go-to veggie. I thought I would share it with you in case these little white guys are at your farmer’s market:

These small white sweet turnips are right up there with sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes in terms of eat-it-right-from-the-field sweetness.  Their skin is tender enough to eat, and this outer layer has a mild radish like bite that goes well with the juicy and sweet center.  At the fancy-pants Blue Hill restaurant, they serve these raw, by themselves, as appetizers (with some clever presentation);  pop one into your mouth at home this week, and you’ll save a few hundred bucks and a trip to Tarrytown.

Sounds good, right? Taste test to come.

On to the menu:

Sunday: Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoky Bacon and Crusty Bread (needing that starch on starch with cheese fix)

Monday: Orrechiette with Pesto, Grilled Corn, and Tomatoes (obsessing over Buddhapesto from our 5th Avenue farmer’s market…YUM)

Tuesday: Grilled Veggie Burritos with Chipotle Cream

Wednesday: Marinated (Mom’s of course) Flank Steak and Simple Salad

Thursday: Trying this Smitten Kitchen recipe for Crisp Black Bean Tacos & Feta Slaw. We have everything on hand and it promises to cook up in 10 minutes. SOLD.

Friday: Sizzling Shrimp with Capers & Lemon-Wine Sauce over Rice & Greens

Saturday: Pizza Night!

Bon Appétit!

What CSA Is, and Why It’s Cool for Urban Families



Whenever I tell a local friend or neighbor I’m a part of CSA (and, for us, local means Park Slope, Brooklyn), they assume I’m talking about the sweet, well-tended little community garden on 6th Avenue. “Oh, yeah, I’ve walked past that garden!”

Nope. This is CSACommunity Supported Agriculture — and it means Chrissy and are part of a group of fellow city dwellers who buy Farm Shares from a farm outside the city in order to get super-fresh veggies and fruit delivered to Brooklyn each week. (Actually, we bought a half-share, so our pick-ups are every other week.)

We opted to get fresh eggs and flowers, too, and the whole thing costs a few hundred dollars for a steady supply of delicious produce that runs from June through the end of October.

Tons of other parents belong to our local group, Greenwood Heights CSA, too, and, while I can’t speak for them, I can say we’re loving it as a great choice for families because:

  • well, duh, it’s local and fresh, of course, but also….
  • the quality of the produce far surpasses what I could find with packaged fruits and veggies shipped in from who-knows-where and on display at my local Key Food or C-Town
  • the variety is fun! We’re all trying (and the moms are learning to cook) things we probably never would otherwise.

So far, we’ve had radishes, garlic scapes (think of them as garlicky green beans), green garlic, Japanese turnips, carrots, kale, peppery arugula, many kinds of lettuces, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, scallions, berries, apricots, and more.

We still love our local farmers’ market, too, where many farmers turn up with their goods weekly. But this is kind of different and cool because it’s a real partnership between a specific farm (Hearty Roots in Tivoli, New York) and the people who support it by buying shares.

Curious about CSA? Here’s how to find a CSA farm near you.

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