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Currently Obsessed with…. State Prints from One Canoe Two

Texas print

I saw these yesterday on Design Mom and I want, I want. At least the Texas print, and maybe several, grouped together to represent the states Chrissy and I have lived in. They’ve colorful, cute, and very affordable.

State Prints — original art turned into a letterpress print — by One Canoe Two. $15.

California print


Cutest Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Skirts

**Please note: this post has been updated for 2011 here

We need a Christmas tree skirt. Chrissy found a cute one last year but we didn’t buy it on the spot and now that particular Etsy artisan is nowhere to be found. Damn!

Anyway, we need one. But, yikes — Christmas really brings out the ugly in home decor. A brief search on Etsy and farther afield provided surprisingly limited options — shouldn’t somebody be all over making Christmas decor modern? — but I did find a few possible contenders.

My rules: no plaid, no patchwork, no reindeer, no red.

Here’s what I found:

ruffled linen tree skirt

Ruffled linen tree skirt from ruffledlinens on Etsy, $45.

I like this one because it’s simple. It comes in white, cream, or flax and wouldn’t compete with all of the wild Christmas wrapping paper. From ruffledlinens on Etsy.

burlap tree skirt

Tailored burlap tree skirt from SouthHouseBoutique on Etsy, $79.

Also simple, but a little tailored, too. This skirt is made of burlap (natural jute) and is almost like a heavy linen. I like the trim and curving wrap — both trim and button covers can be customized. From SouthHouseBoutique on Etsy.

eco-felt tree skirt

Eco felt tree skirt from clearlytangled on Etsy, $30.

Color! We have lots of bright colors in our house and if we didn’t decide to go with a super-subdued option, this could be fun. It’s an eco-friendly choice, made of recycled plastic bottles (don’t ask me how), and is supposed to resemble a ballgown (Magnolia would LOVE it.) If blue doesn’t say “Christmas” to you, it comes in other colors, too. From clearlytangled on Etsy.

faux fur tree skirt

Faux-fur tree skirt from West Elm, $69.

Ahhh, soft, warm, plush, faux fur. Suitable for any occasion, right? It’s fun, reminiscent of snow, and you’re not committing to any color palette or pattern. From West Elm.

boxing day tree skirt

Boxing Day tree skirt from Anthropologie, $168.

Enter Anthro for the expensive but oh-so-lovely option. This Boxing Day tree skirt features traditional motifs of birds, stars, poinsettias, dragonflies, and English roses. Unusual, pretty, and possibly just right.

This last idea isn’t really for a tree skirt — it’s a twirly-girly, holiday skirt for girls. But it was too cute not to include! Love the idea of Magnolia skipping a fancy Christmas dress and instead wearing this adorable skirt paired with a red turtleneck and her red Justin Ropers like the picture here. From noahandlilah on Etsy.

holiday skirt

Girl's Holiday Twirl Skirt from noahandlilah on Etsy, $21.

Here we go — let the holiday shopping begin!

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