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Happy Halloween! Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

Ghouls and Gourds

Boo! at the BBG.

How it is that I’ve been a Brooklyn mom for the last seven Halloweens and never been to the Botanic Garden’s Ghouls & Gourds seasonal kid-fest, I do not know. But tomorrow I’ll right that wrong by putting the kids in their costumes (Darth Vader and “pink” Batgirl, in case you were wondering) and heading over for some fun, rain or shine. On tap: dancing, music, crafts, big puppets, books and authors, and the garden’s pretty fall colors.

Other fall random-ness:

* 6 Yummy Soups

* Pear Cranberry and Gingersnap Crumble from Smitten Kitchen

* An over-priced but possibly irresistible little lounge-y chemise from Anthro that I can totally see myself padding around the house in this autumn. Mmm-hmmm.

* And…. Last: A little bit of life wisdom from working mom SJP — “The firsts go away — first love, first baby, first kiss. You have to create new ones.”

Keep it real, people. Keep it new, keep it fresh, keep it fun.

Go love life this weekend.

Meet you back here next week.



October 22 – 23: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

cowgirl costume by Cookies and Costumes

Cowgirl costume by Cookies and Costumes on Etsy, $55.

I spend a ton of time coming up with activities and outings to entertain my kids — sometimes, I just want somebody else to do all the work. So, bring it on.

* Best Halloween Apps for Kids

* Last-minute handmade Halloween costumes for kids from scary-good Etsy

* Free Halloween events for NYC kids

* And totally tune into the kids’ Halloween mixes on Pandora Radio. They will LOVE dancing to the theme from “Ghostbusters.” And you won’t mind it, either.



Cookies and Costumes on Etsy.

October 15 – 16: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas

dior tuxedo blue nail polish

Dior's Tuxedo,, $22

When in doubt — and, boy, have I been in doubt — don’t think deep. Think nail color. In case you haven’t noticed, trends for fall point to blues like the one above, as well as varying hues of gray and green. All colors that would make Magnolia say: Uh, why are your nails that color? (Those shades will never trump red, pink, or purple in her world view.)

What else?

Cute handmade Halloween costumes you don’t have to make yourself.

The newly-renovated Hester Street Playground and Chinatown fun.

Kids’ Fall Fest in Madison Square Park, with Eataly nearby.

Keep the thoughts light. Keep pie close at hand. Keep sneaking in extra hugs and cuddles with your kids.

Happy weekend!


Halloween 2010: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas


Boo! (Flickr photo by Keith.Allison)

You probably already have some vague idea about what you’ll be doing with the kids for Halloween, right? So no need to run down an opinionated list of favorite event options. I’ll keep it simple. And not entirely Halloween-focused.

Honestly, we feel like we’ve almost already done Halloween. We’ve been apple and pumpkin picking, gone on a hayride, made our way out of two corn mazes, set big pumpkins on the stoop and strung spooky spiderwebs all around, dressed up in costume to attend the P.S. 295 Harvest Festival, and visited the home of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author, Washington Irving.

This weekend we’ll be keeping it pretty chill. Two *possible* contenders for outings include The Central Park Pumpkin Festival and Prospect Park’s Halloween Haunted Walk and Carnival (both on Saturday.) Something about the park setting is appealing — room to run and good kids-in-fall-foliage photo opps.

Otherwise, it’s just Trick-or-Treating in the ‘hood (think we’ll pass on the Park Slope Halloween Parade. Though, who knows — maybe we’ll rally.)

Now, onto some food linkage:

Brooklyn Based did a nice piece this week on Eating and Drinking on Vanderbilt. Psyched to see that Fort Greene fave Pequena now has a Prospect Heights location. Lots of other great recs in the post, too.

And Brooklyn Exposed did a piece on The Hidden Food Scene in Brooklyn — in other words, praise-worthy places beyond Buttermilk Channel. One under-the-radar highlight is a spot right around the corner from us, Lot 2, and I can vouch for its charm and yummyness. Try one of their Sunday Suppers for $25 a person — here’s a recent menu.

Go forth, get a babysitter, and go on date night!

Happy Halloween, mamas.

(photo by Keith.Allison)

New York Times: Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?

Halloween candy

I want candy.

Good article in the Dining section of The New York Times today on the bad rep candy gets, just in time for Halloween. Nutrition experts and a Brooklyn-based, sweets-obsessed academic with a blog called Candy Professor weigh in and, the good news is, candy just has an image problem. It’s not pure evil.

(Relief! Excuse me while I grab another Fun-Size Snickers….)

OK, so anyway.

Samira Kawash, the blogger behind Candy Professor, studies the relationship Americans have with candy and why we view it as so bad and different from other sweet foods. (Amusing anecdote about a Brooklyn parent who equates it to giving a kid crack cocaine included.) But she says candy is what it is — “a processed food, eaten for pleasure, with no particular nutritional benefit.” And she and others in the piece point out that we eat and feed our kids all sorts of other, sugar-packed foods — like granola bars and fruit juice. They may be perceived as healthier, but many contain comparable amounts of sugar.

A nutrition professor at the University of Vermont notes that “Nutritionally there is littler difference between a gummy bear and a bite of fruit leather.” (I’ll remember that the next time I reach for one to give the kids.)

So, yes, candy is processed, and no, it’s not “good for you” — and then there is the whole corn syrup thing…. But maybe a *little* candy at Halloween isn’t the absolute end of the world.

And of course we can teach our kids about which foods are nutritious. And that not all candies have to be mass-produced or made with crappy ingredients. Witness Jennifer King of Brooklyn’s Liddabit Sweets, a small local candy maker. She uses premium ingredients that are often local, too.

The honey in her honeycomb candy is gathered from hives in New York City. I have eaten it, and I can tell you it is delicious. I can also tell you that they sell it at Bklyn Larder. So maybe make a special trip there this weekend and let your kids taste the difference between goodies that come from a giant plastic bag on sale at the drugstore and those that were made sweet by local bees.

That said, look for us out there this weekend, sporting costumes and on the dole for all of the Twizzlers, Mike & Ike’s, and mini bags of M&Ms we can find. We won’t eat them all, but half the fun is in the hunt.



Columbus Day: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas


Tutu cute! (PrincessDoodleBeans Fancy Fluff Petti-Tutu, $36, Etsy)

Holiday on Monday = no school and a 3-day weekend. Bring on the diversions!

Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) is having a “Super Stoop Sale”on Saturday, October 9, from 11am – 5pm. 438 3rd Street, corner of 6th Avenue, Park Slope. There’s not much info on their site, but an email we received promises Halloween costumes (which, I don’t know about you, but we totally have to deal with ASAP), kids’ clothing, toys, and shoes, a train table, mat wear, and more. — BAX

5 great online sales (kids’ clothing and shoes) to shop this weekend. — Mom Finds

Unlocking the Little Red LighthouseNew York City kids have a special appreciation for the book “The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge,” and on Saturday visitors can head up to the George Washington Bridge and peek inside. Cool! Bonus: great views of the Hudson. — Mommy Poppins

Last weekend, it was apple and pumpkin picking: this weekend we may head to Boo at the Zoo (weekends in October.) — Bronx Zoo

Discovery Kids and Hasbro launch a new cable channel for kids called The Hub (which means the Discovery Kids channel will be no more as of October, 10.) — TimeOut New York Kids

(PrincessDoodleBeans tutus galore — a Halloween costume in a hurry! — on Etsy.)


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