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January: the Boden catalog makes it seem closer to summer

Printed tunic, $88

The Boden spring catalog has arrived and summer fantasizing has officially begun in earnest.  Like the Mini Boden catalog, which arrives with darling boy/girl/baby clothes, the grown-up version is best savored a few times over, with folded down corners marking favorites.  And so, as January days pass, I’m picturing myself in warm summer weather in things like this:

Jersey Crinkle Dress, $89

I think that one would be perfect for the Vineyard. And work.  And everything in between.

Now, shoes — I love these.  They’re a little mod and a lot of fun.  I think silver…but also drawn to eye-popping yellow or the excellent coral:

Fab sandals, $88

I love the bold graphic print of this shirt, and the perfect waist length.  100% cotton is right down my alley.  I think I’d choose pink over blue.

Stencil print top, $68

The Amalfi dress has a great vintage vibe.  Definitely one I’d have to see on but just from the pic in the catalog, I’m imagining my hair pulled back and sunglasses on, wandering through the West Tisbury farmer’s market (okay this is a fantasy — who would really shop in this? the reality is filled with wild children playing in the dust while I’m imploring them to get up) with a great straw bag filled with dinner plate dahlias and organic vegetables (mais oui!):

Amalfi dress, $98

Well, you get the idea.

As I crank up the heat in the house, I keep repeating this mantra: summer is coming, summer is coming…


Boys’ Clothes: Buy European!

CubeTee T-shirt from Du Pareil au Meme

CubeTee T-shirt from Du Pareil au Meme

I used to blog for CafeMom about pregnancy, so I wrote a lot about finding out the sex and how the gender news makes moms feel. I took the news kind of hard when we were expecting our first baby — I wanted a girl, and we found out (very early on) we were having a boy. I have to admit, at first, I was disappointed.

Right after the doctor’s appointment when we found out, we went to look at baby clothes and to fantasize about what lay ahead. We went to Old Navy. Tragic mistake. Their boys’ clothes are a little cuter now (five years later), but at the time it was all miniature football jerseys and dark brown shirts. The idea that shopping for baby clothes would be waaayy less fun with a boy than with a girl only added to my slight gloom about the gender. (Needless to say, I got over the boy thing completely and of course adore our son.)

But the clothes were an issue. Here’s how we overcame it: The secret is to “buy European.”

You have to search out some of these brands, but the ones we loved (and still love — FYI, we lean heavily French here) are:

There’s no need to pay full price for any of these adorable threads — you can find tons of them at affordable prices on eBay.

Where do you shop for kids’ clothes? Any favorite finds for labels or stores?

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