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Homemade Gifts: Repurposing the Bonne Maman Jars

Remember how we were talking about repurposing the Bonne Maman jars? A while back? No? Well, check it out here.

Anyhoo, we had about eight Bonne Maman jam jars that we deemed too pretty to recycle this year. And over the months, we’ve used them to store leftovers, or to hold a little homemade something that we are passing along.

So this year, in addition to contributing to the teacher’s gift money that the class parents collected, we decided to make some of the famously addictive peanut clusters, and some of the fabulous Union Square Cafe Bar Nut Mix, and pass them along to the women who work so hard with our kids in school.

This picture does not do the cuteness justice, but to give you the idea:

Lining up the jars!

I slapped a little handwritten label on them and tied a bow around the jars, and put them in gift bags.

We had a few people more to give to than we had jars available. They got these cute little gift bags (and some scored Rich Roll Cookies — see your copy of The Joy of Cooking for the recipe):

And off we traipsed to school!


Pretty Ways to Repurpose: Bonne Maman Jars

Bonne Maman jars

photo by saganaga on flickr

I love my Bonne Maman jam jars. I rinse them out lovingly and save them (the label slips right off if you let the jar sit in a small bowl of warm water for a few minutes). I occasionally get it together to put things in them — granola, rice, nuts, small candies for the kids — and store them in the pantry. And one sits in permanent residence in the fridge, holding one of our favorite ingredients: chipotle chiles in adobo.

Turns our I am far from alone in my love of the French jam jars — there’s even a flickr group called Bonne Maman Love. Pretty, pretty!

Bonne Maman jars

photo by heart rashida... on flickr

And lots of people are into repurposing them, too — get inspired by wide open spaces, The Little House in the City, and i heart linen. I was.

Other ways to reuse: as a home for spices or dried beans, a candle-holder, a small vase, juice glasses.

Doesn’t your pantry deserve to look pretty?

Bonne Maman jars

photo by Elle-ah-euh on flickr

Bonne Maman jars

photo by wide open spaces


(heart rashida…)


(wide open spaces)

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